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Comoc: The City on The Moon of Cornellius
Published 8 months ago
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Cornelius, located on the outskirts of the Andromeda Galaxy, has a total of 5 moons. Iuro, being the only one sustainable for life, has been chosen for colonization.

Fast forward to the year 4530, the colony has prospered, but not without dark secrets hidden beneath it's colorful walls. The only one who suspects things are amiss is Detective Karen Powers, who has a cursed name after the horrific actions of her ancestor, Clutch Powers. Follow Karen on her quest to redeem the family name once and for all.

Maybe that's too much backstory for a Lego MOC. Oh, well.
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8 months ago
Nice build - has something of a "future fantasy" feel to it - a step away from the hard pragmatism of most modern sci-fi The colorful scheme, detailing, and blocky modular sections lend a sense of futurism, while the archways and pointed tower add a few compelling medieval-esq twists.

The backstory's a nice touch, too - and based on what I'm seeing, I'm willing to bet the model's designed with a specific story progression in mind. Cool beans!
8 months ago
Thank you! The figures aren't added due to the lack of prints, but I'll post the figures when I'm finished with the real build. The colors are used to make it feel unique and eye-appealing. The price I feel would be $70 since it has a few piece count, but a huge build. And the modular system could be used for customization for a horizontal city, as well.

I really appreciate your feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed my project.
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