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6212-1: X-wing Fighter
Published 2 years ago
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X-wing Fighter
(by Sebsan21 for Mecabricks)

Missing Parts :

4499888: Chewbacca "Dec" - https://brickset.com/parts/4499888/chewbacca-dec
4589758: Princess Leia Hair - https://brickset.com/parts/4589758/princess-leia-hair

Missing Patterns :

4275259: Mini Upper Part "No. 1145" - https://brickset.com/parts/4275259/mini-upper-part-no-1145
4275252: Mini Upper Part "No. 1142" - https://brickset.com/parts/4275252/mini-upper-part-no-1142
4238620: Mini Head "No. 378" - https://brickset.com/parts/4238620/mini-head-no-378
4238621: Mini Head "No. 342" - https://brickset.com/parts/4238621/mini-head-no-342
4286744: Mini Head No."449" - https://brickset.com/parts/4286744/mini-head-no-449
4291337: Mini Head "No. 456" - https://brickset.com/parts/4291337/mini-head-no-456
4499949: Mini Lower Part "No. 33" - https://brickset.com/parts/4499949/mini-lower-part-no-33
4124141: Final Brick 2X2 "R2-Blue" - https://brickset.com/parts/4124141/final-brick-2x2-r2-blue
4499946: Rebel Helmet "Luke" - https://brickset.com/parts/4499946/rebel-helmet-luke
4500958: Rebel Pilot Hjelm X-Wing - https://brickset.com/parts/4500958/rebel-pilot-hjelm-x-wing

Description :

Build one of the most famous ships of the Star Wars" saga! In the hands of the Rebel Alliance's brave pilots, the X-wing starfighter helped to destroy two massive Death Stars". With S-foil wings that open to attack position, folding landing gear, a cargo hold and lots of authentic details, this Star Wars set includes the first-ever LEGO minifigure of Rebel hero Wedge Antilles, as well as several hard-to-find characters.Features parts to customize your starfighter as either Luke Skywalker's" Red Five or Wedge's Red Two X-wing!Includes Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia", Han Solo", Chewbacca" and R2-D2" minifigures.
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431 pieces
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