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TG Direct 2.8.20
Published 2 months ago
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Hello and welcome to the first ever official TG Direct.

This is where you can catch up on the latest news and updates happening.

1. I have officially quit Discord.

My Discord server has been deleted and I have now been labeled as "Someone". The Discord rules state you have to be 13 ages and over, and I finally respected that rule since I am nowhere close to that age.

2. More models will be published.

The lack of models from me recently was horrible, and now I am strictly going to focus on 1 model every other day. They will always be big, to get the most enjoyment out of it.

3. TG's Story is off air.

In case you didn't know, I had a series called TG's Story. I have not made one in a while because I have been working on other projects. It will be off air until February 20th.

4. Project Puzzle Piece hopefully arriving by 2022.

I have an idea of a new Mario game called Super Mario Puzzle World. It's basically Mario made out of puzzle pieces. I have been working hard on this project and am planning to go to the Nintendo headquarters in Washington to see what they think. I have planned the release date sometime in 2022. It will be a collaboration between me and Nintendo.

5. New plans for TG Month.

TG Month is a month to celebrate me, my one year anniversary, and my friends. I have planned TG Day February 19, as that is day I joined Mecabricks. People think I joined July 7, but that's really when I made my first model. To celebrate I am planning special models during that time. So far very few people have joined, and most people aren't doing it, but really, ever since I joined here, this became my life. This means everything. I'm not being dramatic, I mean it.

6. Custom minifigures.

I am planning to make custom minifigures and selling them online. They're going to go for about $4.99 each.

7. HD renders.

I haven't done renders in a while because I am finding a way to make them the best quality I can. Expect the best renders by February 19.

8. Ideas for TG: A Mecabricks Story or TG Legacy.

I have lied about making a movie called TG: A Mecabricks Story before. Now, I am planning it to actually exist. Except it will be completely different. It won't be made out of LEGOs, rather my own drawings in 3D stop motion. The bad news is, this will probably never happen, so for a change I am planning TG Legacy as a show on Cartoon Network. Since I live right near the Cartoon Network headquarters, this could likely happen. This will be one of the more serious titles rather than comedic, which is basically what Cartoon Network's main priority is. It's going to be in the Sci-fi - Fantasy side.

9. YouTube channel plans.

I have started a YouTube channel. All I need to do is find recording and editing software to make videos. From then on my first videos will be some of the music I have made.

10. Possible known statewide.

I have entered in the Young Georgia Authors Competition. If I win, I would be known statewide, possibly even the whole country. So if you hear of the winner, hopefully it will be me.

That is all the news for now. Stay tuned for more TG Direct in the future.
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2 months ago
2 months ago
Did you read everything?
2 months ago
Yeah, those sound awesome!
Can you actually go to nintendo about your puzzle game?
And i hope you win that competition!
2 months ago
This sounds good and all (except for 1 and 3, i guess...) but...I hate to break it to you, I don't think Cartoon Network and Nintendo are willing to accept fan ideas as much as you think they are.
2 months ago
Wow... you have big dreams! Best of luck!
2 months ago
YouTube, yes! Nintendo, if you can get through, than wow, I wish you luck, (not like you need it) Just make sure you present it well! I am in your party right! You write books? All the others, cool!
2 months ago
kool dude! good luck with the pitch for Super Mario Puzzle Piece, and just for good measure:
I'm probably not qualified to do that anyway, but i highly doubt that scrubs is going to do it iny time soon

In other words,
2 months ago
Dream big, reality will be small! XD!
You ideas sound amazing, just you have a million and one problems!
And TBH, I don't even think half those things will ever happen!
Also, I kinda think you're being a bit arrogant with the TG moth and so!
But I wish you the best of luck pursing your unrealistic dreams! So dream on!
2 months ago
OK... my brain needs a little more time to understand this...
2 months ago
I wasn't trying, it just came out that way!
2 months ago
Some of these are good ideas, but 1 and 9 don't really work together.
2 months ago
Can you make an Obsidian Ninja minifig?
2 months ago
ooh a cartoon network show!noice!
also can't wait to see what the minifigs will look like and where your going to post them!
2 months ago
Sorry, lying is better than the truth sometimes, but I genuinely like the ideas!
1 month ago
Awesome! for your YT, i suggest to use an editing software called "Beecut". there are no watermarks and is very easy to use.

but for the nintendo and CN well... ;-; those are like, big companies. Maybe the idea about the mario game would work, but about the CN show, i dunno. p.s. i dont wanna crush ur dreams
1 month ago
@Brickboy It's not crushing dreams, it's the truth. Big-name companies aren't open to accept fan ideas like that.
1 month ago
Wat, you rejoined? Not to be rude, but you legit just made a whole scene of how you where gonna leave, and you where *overkill* on dramatic about it.
I am glad you are back tho, we need another active user!
by TG
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