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5K Views! (FoR Prologue)
Published 1 month ago
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In celebration of me reaching 5K views on Mecabricks, I will be releasing the Fall Of Realms prologue a few weeks early!
Thanks to everyone who helped me reach 5K Views!
Enjoy the Story!

3 men plotted over a battle map.
They were each in full battle gear as if preparing for war.
“This is madness!” One of them said, “3 attacks in a week! All on the Northern border!”
“Patience, Adrien,” another said, “We do not know that it was the Northern Realm attacking us.”
“Well what else would it be?” The one called Adrien asked, “Ghosts?”
The third man spoke, “There have been rumors of shadowy figures wielding dead legions.”
“Oh really, Zack,” Adrien said, “An army of undead soldiers? That seems unlikely.”
“Oh really, Adrien? And the Northern Armies attacking while the Festival is still going is more likely. At least these so-called Necromancers actually have theories to back them up”
“Or maybe these so called theoriesl-”
“Both of you stop it!” The last man, Drogan said, “I want you each to go to the Northern and Southern Realms. Observe and see if they seem to be planning to attack. I shall stay and investigate these undead rumors.”
“Yes, General!” Zack and Adrien said.
“Good. Execute plan Aleph-Beta-Yod. Meet up in 6 months.”
“That one?!” Adrien asked, “How are we going to pull that off?”
“You’re smart,” Drogan said, “Figure it out.”
“You’re smart. Figure it out.”
“You got it, General,” Zack said.
“Fine. See you in half a year,” Adrien said.
After they left the room, Adrien asked Zack, “So, you taking Northern Realm, or Southern?
“I figured on taking North, since I’m the more engineering minded one.”
“Sounds good. I’ll take Southern then.”
“Peace out! Have fun in the Southern Realm.”
“Same with you and the Northern Realm. Bye”
Meanwhile, Drogan was pondering over the maps of the attacks.
“You know,” He said to himself, “These attack maps cross-referenced with the Necromancer rumors make a little too much sense…”

P.S. I didn't get the custom map tiles done in time, so there's just a globe.
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1 month ago
Great minifigures and very interesting prologue !!
1 month ago
“You’re smart. Figure it out.” never heard that before...
Nice job, keep it up!
1 month ago
Yes! This is an awesome start. keep it up!
1 month ago
Thanks! Glad you like it!
1 month ago
Woah... this is amazing my dude! Definitely can't wait to see what's in story for Adrien and Zack

This story actually reads quite easy, and it's a breath of fresh air, as a lot of the MB stories are extremely hard to read attributed to the lack of punctuation and good grammar. You are one heck of a writer, keep it up!
1 month ago
Thanks! My Mom is an Editor for a homeschooling company, so I had grammar and spelling drilled into my head.
1 month ago
This is gonna be great. Skyler, shooting 5 ancient arrows at a time at horde of orcs!!
1 month ago
No I'm think of the Artemis unit in TABS
1 month ago
And you can always add the custom tiles later
1 month ago
Great! Really exited for the rest of the story. Great job bro!
1 month ago
Also, sick new PFP! (I hardly ever talk like that, but your PFP definitely warrants it!)
1 month ago
Thanks! HAMMERBORNE rendered it for my other story.
1 month ago
Good job Guitarman2! As LW says, great punctuation and spelling, and I can see this shaping up into a very interesting story!
1 month ago
Great story dude! Can't wait to read more!
1 month ago
@Guitarman2 You're welcome!
1 month ago
By the way, am i one of the necromancers?
1 month ago
We will find that out in the future.
2 weeks ago
5 days until the first chapters of Fall of Realms releases!
First chapters release on August 1st!
139 models | 6.3k views
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