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43179-1: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
Published 4 months ago
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If you’re a Disney fan and love their original cartoons, this is the perfect fit! LEGO® ǀ Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters (43179) gives you a chance to focus your mind and use your hands to create a truly display-worthy item.

Fantastic retro details
Based on Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks’ iconic characters, these figures feature Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in dynamic poses, with several buildable accessories including a guitar, vintage camera, tripod and a photo album with photos of their adventures. Mickey stands 14 in. (36cm) high and Minnie stands 13 in. (35cm) high.

LEGO building projects for you
Take time for you, focus on an enjoyable creative challenge and make these 2 stunning, large-scale, buildable figures to display in your home or office. Part of a collection of inspiring LEGO building sets for adults interested in pop culture, art, architecture and design, they make an excellent gift for yourself or a Disney fan in your life looking for their next project.

• Give yourself or a DIY lover in your life a creative experience with this LEGO® ǀ Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters (43179) set. Makes a unique display and conversation piece.
• Clear your mind while building 2 large-scale, detailed figures and accessories to create and display. This set lets you experience a satisfying, hands-on build as you recharge.
• Once built, these iconic characters look great on display in a home or office. You can keep them together or set up a unique scene with each figure and the included accessories.
• Share your love of Disney’s Mickey Mouse and enjoy this set with all its details and accessories. The engrossing build and retro look of the figures also makes this a great gift for yourself or any Disney fan you know.
• Detailed, large-scale figures, with the largest model standing over 14 in. (36 cm) tall, 7.5 in. (19 cm) wide and 6.5 in. (16.5 cm) deep. This stunning set contains 1,739 pieces and can be displayed in a special place in your home.
• Memories and quality alone time are waiting. You don’t need batteries to enjoy this set – building these high-quality figures helps you escape your daily routine and they are designed to be displayed in your home.
• The coffee-table-quality instructions help guide you through the project, with stories and vignettes to add entertainment value during building. This LEGO® set makes a perfect creative outlet to escape the daily grind.
• Give adult builders like yourself 2 impressively detailed, large-scale figures in this LEGO® ǀ Disney set. The set offers you a unique build that you can put on display as a way of reflecting your love of the characters.
• LEGO® bricks meet the highest industry standards, so they are consistent, compatible and connect and come apart easily every time – it’s been that way since 1958.
• LEGO® bricks are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure every building set meets the highest global safety and quality standards.


Missing parts:
• 65098 - Technic, Pin Double with Axle Hole with Thick Reinforced Pins (Squared Pin Holes)
• 30841 - Windscreen 2 x 4 x 1 1/3
• 65473 - Brick, Round 2 x 2 d. 135 Degree Elbow
• 67329 - Brick, Modified 1 x 2 x 1 2/3 with Studs on 3 Sides
• 49612 - Brick, Round Corner 4 x 4 x 2 2/3 Dome Top
• 57360 - Hinge Cylinder 1 x 2 Locking with 2 Fingers, 7 Teeth and Axle Hole on Ends without Slots
• 68881 - Brick, Round 5 x 10 x 1 2/3 Dome Half
• 68325 - Brick, Round 4 x 4 with Recessed Center
• 35473 - Plant Flower 4 x 4 Rounded Petals
• 43056 - Hinge Plate 2 x 4 with Pin Hole and 2 Holes - Bottom
• 43045 - Hinge Plate 2 x 4 with Pin Hole and 2 Holes - Top
• 67810 - Brick, Modified 2 x 2 x 1 1/3 with Curved Top

Missing prints:
• 90498pb17 - White Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes with 'Mickey Mouse' Signature Pattern [6302710 / 68236]
• 93604pb09 - White Wedge 3 x 4 x 2/3 Triple Curved with Three Black Lines Comma Claw Pattern [6302712 / 68238]
• 68881pb002 - White Brick, Round 5 x 10 x 1 2/3 Dome Half with Eyes Mickey Mouse Pattern [6309135 / 68987]
• 90498pb18 - White Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes with 'Minnie Mouse' Signature Pattern [6302711 / 68237]
• 62576pb06 - Red Windscreen 5 x 8 x 2 with Nine White Polka Dots Pattern [6302713 / 68239]
• 64225pb038 - Red Wedge 4 x 3 No Studs with Three White Polka Dots Pattern [6313650 / 69214]
• 68881pb001 - White Brick, Round 5 x 10 x 1 2/3 Dome Half with Eyes Minnie Mouse Pattern [6309138 / 68989]

Other errors:
• 363 Transparent Brown Opal is not available, replaced with 111 Transparent Brown
• Missing stickers: Sticker Sheet for Set 43179 - (69213/6313458)
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1783 pieces
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