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School for Magical Creatures: Chapter VII
Published 1 year ago
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6 minutes and 42 seconds. That how long the students stood together fighting Jerome and his followers. In these 6 minutes and 42 seconds, they fought their best and gave it all they got, but they lost the battle. There was only Mr. Maack left in the stone room, to try and stop Jerome.

Jerome: Well, brother, I guess it is time for me to have the stone.

Mr. Maack: You know it will not happen.

Jerome: You think you are doing good by protecting the stone, but you are nothing, you are as bad as the rest of us, you are not saving anyone, you can not even save these mortals.

Mr. Maack: You may be correct, I may have a small urge to keep it to myself, but I can do more than you will do with the stone, I am doing my best to use it for good.

Jerome: Too bad.

Jerome went and raged on Mr. Maack with a strong telekinesis power as Mr. Maack defend him and the stone. Mr. Maack threw energy blasts at Jerome as he escaped all of them. Jerome attacked Mr. Maack directly, delivering him a punch to his face. Jerome started to go toward the stone Mr mack used his power to push him back, but Jerome just went through it. He grabbed the stone.

Jerome: Sorry that it had to end this way, you were the best one of all the others.

Jerome opened a portal and left.

Oliver, Jack, Grupnog, Charles, Karmod, and Elinor came.

Oliver: Mr. Maack! Are you okay?

Mr. Maack: Yes, I think.

Jack: He took the stone.

Mr. Maack: I know.

Elinor: So what is our game plan?

Mr. Maack: There is no game plan for you! You all almost died there! I can't risk it again.

Charles: We all fought there, and we are all ready to do whatever it takes to get the stone back.

Grupnog: Why is the stupid stone so important?

Mr. Maack: It is time I will tell you the truth about the ancient wizards.

Karmod: OK, we are listening.

Mr. Maack: The ancient wizards were the first magical creatures. They were created from the devil, as he wanted to create chaos on earth, but the wizards lived in peace and helped each other. So he created something that will make us fight each other, the stone, which possesses great power. Then chaos started.

Karmod: And is this all just part of his game? Did we all fight just so you can win this stupid contest? Are you serious?

Mr. Maack: No.

Elinor: So what then?

Mr. Maack: I choose to take the stone since the other fought for it, and I guessed if it will be with me, they will stop fighting, but now I know what do we need to do.

Jack: Ok, so you do have a plan.

Mr. Maack: Yes, to destroy the stone.

Jack: To do that we need the stone. How are we planning to get it?

Mr. Maack: For that, I will need to meet an old friend. Jack, Elinor, Oliver, get Sam and Ferti and come with me. We are going to meet the phoenix.
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1 year ago
Can I still make a character who joins late?
1 year ago
Also, if so, does it have to be part human?
1 year ago
yes, you can still create one, and it doesn't have to be human or part human, but it cannot be a big mech
1 year ago
noice. I have a guess of what will happen in the next one but ill go check it right now.
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