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Earth-Prime 2099: Chapter 2
Published 10 months ago
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Warning: This chapter is violent not for small children
Nate looked at all his team-mate fighting, but not for long. All his friends fell, one by one.
Roy's arrows ended as Harper and Mira just got separated again into two. Jacob fell down on his legs, as Jason was over attacked by many other enemies. Tom tried to come to help but fell in the way. Ezra ran, but he was outnumbered, he tried to attack, but he was defeated as well.
Nekron: We are too strong for you, give up.
Nate tried to recover and stand up but fell on his knees.
Nate: One thing that my dad did not do, is to give up in front of a bad guy, I will not give up.
Nekron sliced through Nate's heart as he screamed and blood fell all over.
Nekron: The end of humanity began, every person will die, and those who will try to stop me, will die slower.
Jacob screamed behind looking at his friend, Tom could not look they all felt so hopeless.
Jason stood up.
Jason: We will not let you win!
Nekron: So you will fall.
Harper: Do not do anything stupid, Jason!
Jason: I have a plan.
Nekron: You all tried to stop me, you will get no more warning, kill them!
Jason: Tom, Ezra, Jacob, get us all out of here, fast.
The three speedsters went as fast as they could and manage to escape.
Jacob: I hope you have a plan.
Jason: Yes, and in this plan, we defeat these aliens and save Nate.
Mira: We are listening.
Jason: First of all, we need a time-ship.
Roy: The wave-rider.
Jason: Get us there.
Tom: We are not your transportation device.
Jason: Please, it is for Nate.
Tom: Ok, for Nate
For another time, they went together to the waver-rider.
Mira: What is the plan? We cannot meet our past selves since it will cause-
Harper: Dinosaurs to show up and basically break time.
Tom: Yes.
Jason: No, we are not going to go back, we are going to get help.
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