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Rocket Racer
Published 11 months ago
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The build is 99.9% complete, only had to replace two bricks with very similar molds.

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This set no. 6491 'Rocket Racer,' also known as 'Time Cruiser Scooty 2025' in the UK, came out in 1996, and it was the smallest model of a newly-launched "Time Cruisers" theme. One of the most quirky and unusual Lego collections ever, by the way, certainly among my all-time faves!

Several Lego themes originated in virtual reality before "going plastic" over the years, such as "Lego Racers" or "Island Xtreme Stunts" (launched to promote eponymous videogames). In this instance, the origins of the story are a bit more curious.

"Time Cruisers" began as a graphic novel, created and published by one of Lego magazines in Europe circa 1994. Independent comics were quite successful, and Lego eventually decided to make an official theme about time-traveling.

Even though it only lasted for two years, Lego had created an abundance of some truly weird merch for "Time Cruisers," anything from cassette tapes with audio dramas in German to an actual board game!

One of the characters—a wizard skeleton Boney who represented the theme's villains, "Time Twisters"— also appeared in the incredibly rare set of LEGO Builder's Club collectible cards. (Twenty-three years later, there still aren't even proper high-res scans online, let alone any lots for sale, so it must be one of Lego's holy grails).

The 'Scooty' is a tiny vehicle, only "suitable for short time travel trips," as per the catalog's description. Like other "Time Cruisers" machines, the scooter/racer combines various modes of transportation and can drive on-ground as a tricycle or fly with two propellers (and jet turbines). It sits just one minifigure—Tim, or Timmy, one of "Time Cruisers" protagonists, a loyal apprentice and follower of Dr. Cyber, who invented the Lego time travel in 2025.

As far as design and style, the 'Rocket Racer' is the most unadorned and unassuming versus other "Time Cruisers" vessels; I would assume Lego designers didn't have that much space to go full-on crazy, add lots of spare bricks and random details, etc.

The model doesn't include any time-traveling gear: neither a Spinner Wheel (a crucial component to penetrate the time-space continuum) nor any helmets and headwear from different Lego themes, which Time Cruisers use to navigate their vessels to the desired "time zone." (At least, that's the case for the "good guys;" the theme's villains, Time Twisters, managed to get around without ridiculous hats, and instead use witchcraft and dark magic, powering their vessels by ghosts and skeletons).

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6492-1: Hypno Cruiser

6494-1: Magic Mountain Time Lab, a.k.a. "The Flybo"

6497-1: Twisted Time Train
One of the sets from the theme's villains, "Time Twisters."
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