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Thalamian Transport Skimmer
Published 10 months ago
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Often seen as outriders for the large Trireme, Thalamians are favored by the elite jump-infantry of Hades, particularly the various Jovian orders. These transports are open-topped much like their larger siblings, but are equipped with a variety of weapons and support systems.

At the front of the craft, a single crewman operates and advanced auspex-scope that can relay highly accurate targeting data to nearby friendlies, as well as the systems of the craft itself. A pair of pintle-mounted Cognis Heavy Stubbers flank its small steerhouse, while two Cognis Lascannons are operated by the craft's steersman. Finally, a pair of servitor-controlled Storm Bolters in small gunpods hang below the craft; an arsenal that excels at repelling infantry or fending off light vehicles while the craft's infantry engage the enemy.

Thalamians are also occasionally utilized by Volcanii squads when a lighter, more flexible transport is desired, rather than the somewhat unwieldy Trireme; which relies almost entirely on its infantry complement for weaponry.
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