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The Aftermath
Published 2 months ago
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Computer: Resurrection Complete.
*Door opens*
*Bishop falls on his knees*
Bishop1859: Gah... What happened? Last thing i remember was walking down the hall...
Micro-Byte: Erm, you were shot by poison forces, sir.
Kilo-Byte: Sir, how do you, uhhh, feel?
Bishop: Weird, i have a headache and- what the?!
Kilo: Yes sir I was just about to mention that.
Bishop: I have four arms, and seeing that i can control them individually, I can do so much now!
Micro: The computer said that there was radiation coming from you, sir.
Bishop: What, open the box...
Kilo: Yes sir.
*Kilo-Byte opens the box, finding a thick green hair*
Kilo: This hair, it appears to be the source.
Micro: Let me inspect it.
*Micro-Byte proceeds to take the hair to another computer that is used to find people*
Micro: It appears to be from a being of great power!
Bishop: The old clown, Corrupt CJ... Guess when he died he left some of his hair and somehow, it got on me!
Micro: I think i should look at your -ray, sir.
Bishop: Continue...
*Later after inspection*
Micro: Okay, I've been looking at you and it turns out, you have mind powers, you have retractable arms, tougher bones and skin, and a bigger heart.
Bishop: Wait, so what your saying is, am I, a super soldier?!
Micro: I guess you are, sir, and with very little drawback, maybe aside from a minor headache.
Bishop: ! can deal with that, this is incredible!
Micro: Also you should know, sir, you may have to practice yourself to access these abilities.
Bishop: Okay, I'll do that in meh meditation room!
Kilo: Good luck, sir.
[To be concluded...]
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2 months ago
That's awesome! (A little gross
but awesome!) I can't wait for the next one!
2 months ago
How many ideas are you going to steal from General Grievous?!?!? First the Wheel Bike, and now you have four arms!!! Ay Caramba man! (jk lol, i had fun reading the description)
2 months ago
You've turned into Captain Arksonian!
2 months ago
You are most welcome!
2 months ago
Oh ho!

The story from the corruption continues!

2 months ago
2 months ago
@SamW: Is that your new favourite word?
2 months ago
along with YEET and Don'ttryitanakinIhavethehighground
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