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School for Magical Creatures: Chapter XI
Published 6 months ago
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The class went through several portals to get to Jerome's dimension since most of the portals were closed by Jerome.

Mr. Maack: Ok! Students, we are here, this portal will lead us to Jerome and the stone, be ready.

Flappy: Can we take a break? We have been walking for ages.

Oliver: I am not tierd.

Elinor: Yeah I feel energetic!

Flappy: Yeah, I mean for some of us who don't have wings or special flying animals that they help them.

Aurora: Maack, I think it might be a good idea since we need to be at our best to attack Jerome.

Mr. Maack: Okay, but we cannot waste much time. Also, while we resting I will go over the plan.

They all set in a big circle. Mr. Maack was in the middle. Lila created a hologram of the dimension using her powers.

Mr. Maack: There are 7 different places the stone can be at.

Jack: So we need to split up.

Mr. Maack: Correct. Jack, you will go with Ferti. Carystus, you will go with Grupnog. Aurora, you will go with sam. Charles, you will go by yourself since you have red guardian. So for the four groups, I said so far, each should go to one of the treasure rooms. Oliver, you will go with Lila to the caves where he might keep the stone. Elinor, Ivy, Karmod, and Flappy, you will go to the school, this is where Jerome creates his henchmen by training them from a young age. Is everyone clear on their mission?

Oliver: Yes!

Everyone went through the portal and split up. Lila and Oliver went to the cave, it was all the way in the back of the dimension.

Oliver: This is dark in here.

Lila: I am on it.

She created a purple lamp as her cat walked around playing with Charlie. Oliver and Lila could see a figure.

Lila: Who are you?

Rowen: Lila. I thought you left.

Lila: Rowen?

Rowen: Yes. Jerome will be glad that you are back.

Oliver: Hmmm, what is happening?

Rowen: You brought another member to the school?

Lila: I am not back. Oliver is not going to be a member of the school. He actually already a member of Maack's school, as I am.

Rowen: How can you betray Jerome like that? He will be disappointed in you, I understand why you ran away, you were angry, but joining Maack? This is outrageous!

Rowen changed his form into a dragon.

Oliver: Are you kidding me? A dragon?

Lila: You can still join us, you are the only person who respected me from the school.

Rowen: But you never respected me!

Rowen flew toward Lila as she dodged his attack and blocked him. She created a cage to hold him using her powers. Rowen tried to escape but he couldn't.

Rowen: All your friends are doomed! There are many traps, and you will never know where the stone is! Your stupid friends will be taken away and your dad will never forgive you!

Lila: So be it, we will safe.

Oliver: How are we supposed to go through Jerome only the two of us.

Lila: Some of our friends will escape the traps so there will be no problem, and we use help from Maack, he will fall for these traps for sure.

Oliver: Ok, so you are going down Rowen, you can join us or not if you want to, but Maack isn't the bad guy, he is trying to get rid of the stone.
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