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Mars Mission Micro Attack Forces (MMMAF)
Published 3 years ago
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Today I dug out and upgraded some four years old micro ship designs to support Masman8675 in his fight against the alien forces!

As soon as the MM-8675 Heavy Battle Cruiser has cut a swath through the enemy's lines, the MSX-55 Blockade Runner undocks from the MX-8675 Heavy Battle Cruiser and flies into battle! With its four main thrusters, two vertical engines and two rotor blades for atmospheric flight, the MSX-55 is a highly maneuverable ship for its scale. Its massive armor is an advantage when landing in a battle zone and compensates for the missing firepower. The MX-55 carries battle machines, supply goods and ground troops right into battle and extracts those who got wounded on the field.
Due to its missing firepower, the MSX-55 is supported by a squadron of MSX-23 Attack Dropships. Their architecture allows the pilots to fly very adventurous maneuvers, and its dual rapid fire laser cannons make quick work of any alien aircraft. Additionally, the upstream cockpit allows the pilot to get an in-depth overview of the combat action.
After the battle is won, the MSX-30 Transport Carrier lands on the Martian surface, equipped with mining machines and building pieces for an instant collection of the extremely important energy crystals...
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3 years ago
Thanks, "IstakaCiti"!
42 models | 8.7k views
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