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Loop Fehrland
Published 4 months ago
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Name: Loop Fehrland

Team: Future

Age: 26, was born on November 16th 3001 AD

Likes: Technology, suits, cold food, bags, and things that are clean

Dislikes: Animals, dirt, things that aren’t clean, and especially sharks

Hobbies: Doing his job, and shopping

Bio: Loop Fehrland is a journalist for a government agency, and loves doing his job. However, he often finds himself sticking his nose a little too far into the mission, and gets caught up in the hot action. After a few unpleasant experiences that resulted from these missions (including getting his right arm bitten off by a shark), he decided it would be wise to always be prepared. So, no matter the cost, he takes far too much stuff. Umbrellas, guns, empty chocolate boxes filled with old shoelaces, you name it.

Extra: Due to the fact that his arm was bitten off, he was given a hologramic robot arm. He is very concerned about losing the other one, and insists on getting his fake one inspected every week. He also is loyal to an off brand hairspray, and refused to use any other.
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4 months ago
I love it! Welcome to the future!
4 months ago
Off brand hairspray... *WHEEZE*

Oh, GreenFlame...

4 months ago
@O011 #WEEZE I bet you $10 he will get me for that one
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