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Andrew Lacard's Backstory, Finale: The Crossroads
Published 2 months ago
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AL: One day, when I was drivin' to work like usual, I felt this strong feelin' in my chest, like my heart was on fire. If yer' thinkin' it was love, well, no....it was a heart attack. Because I didn't want the rest 'f my body burnin' from a car accident, I stopped the car as quick as I could n' fell out. Turns out I managed ta stop the car near a plus-junction n' the road, which the folks said was special for some reas'n. Ta make matt'rs worse, some creepy guy 'n black came up ta me. Normally I'd be relieved for help, but this guy had some wierd thing goin' on with him, I could feel it, almost like he's been ta the darkest corner 'f the Earth n' back. He even made this creepy song playin' on my radio that I hadn't heard since between the wars...

♫ I went to the crossrooooad, fell down on MY knees....♫

AL: "What...the.....?"

Then he spoke

???: "Andrew Lacard....the "butcher" of two world wars, finally about to meet his end."

♫ .....I asked the Lord above,"Have mercy.....saaaave poor Bob if you pleeeeease..."♫

AL: "You...*ack*...causin' this?

???: "No. In fact I'm prolongin' it. Why? Because I have a deal for you Lacard. And believe me; it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity..."

♫ .....Oooooh, standin' at the crossroooooad, I tried to flag a riiiiide....♫

AL: "Well, what is...*ughhhh!*....ah, just take yer time, I can wait all day...."

???: "I've seen all your actions, from birth to now. The things you stole, the lives of innocent men, women, and children alike that you mercilessly took...such an immoral compass is not something you see very often. I want you be a disciple of mine, to traumatize kids in my name, so I can make more people like you"

♫ .....Didn't nobody seem to know me, everybody passed me byyyy.....♫

AL: "And what would that name be?"

????: "I go by many, but you know me as Lucifer."

AL: "So that's who y'are....."

♫ .....And I believe to my soul, now, poor Bob is sinkin' dowwwn.....♫

AL: "What happens 'f I say no?"

L: "Nothing much. I leave, and you die a lonely, pitiful death on the side of the road."

AL: " *ACK!!* Looks like that's comin' sooner r' later...."

L: "Accept my offer, and you'll get eternal youth. It'll be just like it was in the wars; you can even use it as you like."

AL: " What's the--*COUGH!!*...the catch?"

L: "If I see that you haven't made any progress for a long period of time, say...2 weeks....you come down to my place to stay...forever...."

AL: "Well, uh....anythin' to get outta this, I guess..*hack*...I take yer off'r"

L: "Good choice."

AL: "Phew...wait...what, what's goin' on?!!?"

♫.....YOU CAN RUUUN, you can runnnnnn......♫

AL: "Somethin' happenin' ta me!!! AAAAAHHH!!!!!!"

♫......Oooh, standin' at the crossroad, babe.....


........I believe I'm sinkin' dowwwwwn......♫

AL: And I disappeared......

Epilogue: Coming soon.....

Commentary: The song featured here is "Cross Road Blues" by Robert Johnson, one of my favorite blues artists (and artists in general) for many reasons, mostly because of the myth that surrounds him. I tried my best to implement it here through text because it fit the haunting tone really well (as does most of his music) but here's a link if you want to hear it yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ_7nYEpkBo
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2 months ago
Definitely a fitting end to the story; I love how you incorporated the song. I need that epilogue though, it better be soon!
2 months ago
Wonderful end; I knew right at that moment when the crossroads were mentioned that he was going to sell his soul... sad but true. That song is perfect my man.
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