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What If…? (The Wiz Edition)
Published 2 months ago
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(Credit to @Justy for the original model! Credit to @Bishop1859 for Scrubs’ hammer! Credit to Marvel for making a streaming series that I hate, and enjoy.

Episode 1: What If… Wiz Mastered a Technique of His Own?

Hungry to learn the ways of the Stabby-Stab, Wiz seeks to enter Justy’s Stabby Dojo as a faithful student. But Justy rejects him, seeing that he already has plenty of students to train. Disheartened, Wiz discovers help, (relatively) high in the Thai highlands. His mind is opened to the ways of true martial arts, and he becomes an unbeatable master.
He invents his OWN unique method, calling the “ROUNDY-ROUNDHOUSE”: a method that involves a crippling, circular kick to the face. (A kick so powerful it can send a dozen men scattering!) It’s rumoured to be the ONE technique able to counteract the Stabby-Stab, by redirecting the knife’s path with a swerving foot. Wiz opens a training hall of his own, called the “Roundy Dojang”, and trains his students in the way of the Roundy-Roundhouse.
With Justy and Wiz in constant competition—former friend will one day have to face former friend, in an inevitable clash!

Episode 2: What If I Told You… That Wiz Took the Red Pill?


An ordinary teen one day discovers a strange phenomenon. After supper time, as he washes his hands in the bathroom, he looks at himself in the mirror and realizes that the reflected image is lagging, moving more slowly than his form in real time. He rubs his eyes and decides to get some sleep. The next morning, the teen takes out the trash, humming along to one of his favorite songs, “Clubbed to Death” by Rob Dougan. As he throws away the garbage bag, he’s confronted by a strange man who wears sunglasses and a black trench coat. The man offers the boy two pills, one red and one blue. The man explains that if the boy takes the blue pill, he can remain in his current, oblivious state of existence and forget the experience. The man offers him the second choice of taking the red pill, and having his eyes opened to the real world around him. The teen boy processes all this, staring at the pills for a few seconds.
He blinks twice, before politely walking around the man. The man lets out a sigh, and tackles the boy with surprising speed, forcing the red pill down his throat.
Well, you know the rest… Hopefully. The boy is immediately unplugged from The Matrix, (discovering with remorse that he doesn’t have hair or eyebrows) and becomes a freedom fighter for Zion. He takes up the code name “Wizard”, and downloads basic combat knowledge into his brain, including the use of firearms, knife motions, and agility. His hair grows back, and he goes on to download a bunch of other incredible skills—including how to play the electric guitar, how to talk to girls, (JK)
and, of course—KUNG FU!!

(Makes that “Roundy” one look kind of lame…

Episode 3: What If… Wiz’s Legs Never Grew Taller?

Determined to uphold his rule about Minifig leg-size, Wiz’s stubbornness holds fast during his entire stay on Mecabricks.
Though it constantly nags on his mind, he never makes the decision to switch to tall legs—even though in real life, he grows to be taller than the rest of family, and many of his friends.

Episode 4: What If… Wiz Became a Dark Wizard?

In a horrific moment, Wiz accidentally deletes the Magnum opus of his time at Mecabricks: his model of the Mirror Dimension from Doctor Strange.
Searching for a way to restore the model, he seeks out dark powers that leave him broken and deformed.
At last, as his search for peace nearly destroys him, he discovers that his model was never permanently deleted, only concealed in the trash bin.

Episode 5: What If… The Nightmare Became a Realit—HELP… US…

In the reality you know, Wiz writes a fictional parody of his so-called “Nightmare”, a gruesome scene involving a city of brainwashed civilians, with evil wigs placed sloppily on their foreheads.
However, in this reality, the vision was quite real indeed.
The cause of this disaster was unexplainable… But the result was catastrophic.
The plague spread quickly around the globe, until there were few humans left without an unholy toupee atop their heads, and a permanent, pained grin on their faces. Around the world, the fiasco was referred to as the “FORELOCK APOC”, inspired by the evil shapes of the wigs.

Episode 6: What If… *sniffle* Two Great Users Fell?

Oh, wait—that already happened.
Sort of…
(At least we still have Slim around.

Episode 7: What If… Wiz Ran Out of Ideas? (The Birth of “Chickie”)

(We've seen this before, a user in a state of eye-twitching humor—JK!
But this particular story... This, this one breaks my heart.
In your reality, a user known as KingofAce had a brief “phase” where he transformed into a small twig know as “Stickie”.
During this phase, he only posted stick-related models, and only responded with stick-related comments. However, in this reality, it was Wiz who went through a similar stage—only the results were much, much worse…

After a few years or so of being on MB, Wiz discovers that his models somehow lack as much creativity… And his building skills aren’t the same. After a time, he discovers that he’s run out of his “surprise factor” of unexpected models that drew users in. Without that factor… Wiz becomes more and more obsolete.
Then one day, a desperate attempt to restore his identity goes horribly awry. Wiz erases ALL of his 300+ models. He then warps himself into a terrible creature, known only as “Chickie”.
A small, (but not really cute) bird with an offensive name, who merely posts chick-related comments and creations.
He becomes even LESS popular.
Thus ends the tale of “Chicke”.

Episode 8: What If… Wiz Discovered An0n’s True Identity?

Rumor has always circulated about the REAL identity of The_An0nym. Is he a creepy, middle-aged man? Is he even “a man”?
But in this reality, Wiz DOES discover An0n’s true alter ego.
One day as they run past each other, Wiz accidentally bumps into An0n, knocking him over. The collision causes An0n’s facial gear to pop open, revealing his features underneath. As Wiz bends over to help An0n to his feet, he comes face-to face with… ED SHEERAN.

An0n/Sheeran, (lets call him Sheer0nym
) explained that he was known for his love of building LEGO, and that he’d discovered Mecabricks one day. The British songwriter had created @The_An0nym as his account, deciding to remain anonymous on MB, not wanting to attract attention from his fans.
After wrapping his head around the whole matter, Wiz promised to keep Sheer0nym’s identity a secret. Sheer0nym introduced Wiz to his wife and daughter, and he and Wiz remained good friends.

Episode 9: What If… Justice Was Served?

(Don’t take this next episode seriously—I’m not entitled to such authority.

The people of Meca are terrorized by a fire-wielding fiend, named The Nameless One, (who has many names). Hoping for liberation, a young lad named Wiz seeks the aid of an ancient and powerful being known as Elder Scrubs. Hearing Wiz’s plea, Elder Scrubs takes pity on the people of Meca, but tells Wiz that he retired from the battlefield long ago, and is unwilling to defeat The Nameless One (who has many names). However, he pauses, adding that he will send WIZ in his place. Elder Scrubs gifts Wiz his weapon, an invincible artifact with the name of Hammerban. Wiz takes the weapon in his hands reverently, astonished as Hammerban gives him new strength, and wraps him in a suit of enchanted armor. Flexing his metallic biceps, Wiz thanks Elder Scrubs profusely, turning to leave. But Wiz is stopped by Elder Scrubs, who hands him one smaller, last object. Wiz takes it, grinning and thanking Elder Scrubs one last time.
With Hammerban slung across his back, Wiz marches up to The Nameless One’s abode, (which has no name, obviously—it’s a house
). Wiz pauses to wipe his feet on the doormat, before knocking on the door and calling The Nameless One (who has many names) out of hiding. Hearing Wiz outside, The Nameless One (who has many names) blows apart his own house, attempting to crush Wiz in the debris. Protected by his armor, Wiz merely skids back several feet, hefting Hammerban and preparing himself for more attacks. The Nameless One (who has many names) emerges from the rubble, hurling three fireballs in Wiz’s direction. Swinging Hammerban, Wiz punts each fireball up and out of harm’s way, right before making a witty retort about “three strikes”. His fury growing, The Nameless One (who has many names) rushes toward Wiz to deliver more blows. But before he can attack, Wiz uses Hammerban to punt a small, mysterious object directly into The Nameless One’s blank face. Disoriented, The Nameless One (who has many names) picks up the object and examines it—discovering that he’s holding a Welsh dictionary in his hands!
This distraction grants Wiz enough time to bring down Hammerban in a crushing blow, banishing The Nameless One—accompanied by the Welsh dictionary—to the realm of Ban for 5 long years. Wiz returned the Hammerban to Elder Scrubs, and returned to the people of Meca, safe at last…
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1 month ago
Speaking of the render—I think it might’ve stayed!
1 month ago
my favorite was the scrubs one
1 month ago
FB - Thanks—I wasn’t sure if it was too over-the-too!
1 month ago
Reading this, I have thought of like 69+ other What If..? Stories. I like these ones the most, though:
What If... The_An0nym was secretly Ed Sheeran's wife?
What If... KingofAce became Chickie?
What If... Wiz liked Minidolls?
What If... The Minidolls succeeded in destroying Mecabricks?
Anyways, nice model! this was a pretty funny concept. XD
1 month ago
Those Minidoll ideas are spot-on!
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