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TCM's New Enemy: The Irrelevance
Published 11 months ago
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Yes, I've been reading too many X-Men comics XD

The Irrelevance is a brain that runs the works - the works of illusion. He will make you imagine just about anything, as you can see. BUNNY RABBITS?

- Main Power: Illusion. The definition of irrelevance is "information that is not needed". That's just what the Irrelevance does - trick you into seeing things that are based on everything but what you are fighting for: Pink fluffy clouds, cats and dogs, maybe even... A THESAURUS! He then confuses his enemy into forgetting what their main purpose is, literally brainwashing them into thinking they are evil.

Restrictions to this power: The Irrelevance can be affected by strong electromagnets that may soon tire and warp his brain after long periods of illusion-creating. The illusions will soon lose their power - potentially turning boring for the Irrelevance's enemy.

- Secondary power: Well, I wouldn't call this a villainous power, but it still hurts as much - the needlegun, flechette gun, or fletcher, you decide. I prefer 'fletcher'. The Irrelevance is armed with a fully packed fletcher, and he does NOT use it sparingly. Be prepared.

Restrictions and battle tactics for this weapon: Unless he runs out of ammo, the Irrelevance will continue to fire flechettes at until you're down. Battle tactic: You may have a small power shield, but the best strategy is well . . . RUN!

No, I actually did not base this off Mastermind from X-Men, even though it's a bit like him.

Calc, I hope you like it, and everyone have a wonderful day!

Signing off,

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11 months ago
I like this good guy!

Very interesting, yet irrelevant!
11 months ago
Thanks, MM!

Yes, he is quite irrelevant!
11 months ago
Awesome, but just one question: Are there any limitations to the illusion power? Like how would one overcome it or bypass the effects? I know, it's not a normal question, but I really don't like insanely overpowered characters, and I feel that I could potentially use this guy much better if he had limits of some sort. If you could come up with any that would be great. Other than that, great job!
11 months ago

Thanks so much for the compliments!

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. I'll try to come up with some!
11 months ago
Wow awesome minifigure!
11 months ago
You're welcome!
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