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My mecabricks story!
Published 1 month ago
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Okay so... here is my story...

So when I was like three or something my dad and sister showed me this box of LEGO and I was like what the heck are these tiny little bricks because I LOVE them! Okay so I was building ever since bla bla bla also my dad made my family a LEGO ideas account somewhere in that many years... Okay so this is my mecabricks story now! So one day I was watching an ashnflash video and he mentioned something called mecabricks so then I searched it up on google and found well this place! I showed it to some of my friends who were all like “ooooooh” so then like 2 months Later I made an account then my journey on here began

P.S Some of my friends joined too!
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1 month ago
Uh huh and lm they are just kinda short.
1 month ago
Also this isn’t a sigy figy
1 month ago
I like how you're a kid with a knife in your bag...
1 month ago
Awesome!! My MecaBricks story isn't as exciting though...

I spotted some models on LEGO Ideas with these awesome renders, I was like, Wow!!
My brother said that the renders came from some website going by the name of "MecaBricks"
So we checked it out, And yeah, Here I am...
1 month ago
heres my story it was mounths ago before l was looking for a lego building site for a while that was free then when i stop looking for one i was on google exipermets messing around then i found this site i buildet a bunch of legos on here then i joined afher i want to show my mocs also i can save models because before i had to leave tabs on.
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