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Owl City (Musical Artist)
Published 1 month ago
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A friend of mine got into Adam Young, (or Owl City) and I tired some of his songs. He mostly does electronic/pop ballads, (with a lot of metaphors
) and I liked some of his music. Even though he’s not my favorite artist, I made this model of him because I thought that the combination of the piano and flashing streetlights would be fun to build.
My favorite song of his would probably have to be one of his older ones: “Shooting Star.”
I made this model based off of the music video, except for making the minfigure more like his current look.

Here’s a GIF/Render I made using a nifty app called “Stop Motion Studio”: (Sorry, it’s a little jerky…

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1 month ago
yesss bro Owl City is one of my favorite artist!! looks good!
1 month ago
Justy - Yeah, that one has good music, but the lyrics were a little strange… I guess it suits you—no offence.

Eggo - Sorry, but there are exactly 0 hugs here…

KoE - Thanks! He’s a cool artist!

Some of my favorite songs of his:
-Shooting Star
-New York City
(I’m not sure how much I like his other ones…
1 month ago
Oh, and please be sure to check out the GIF I made in the description!
1 month ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! stop motion studio is the best!
Wiz, no offense, but that's not how you spell "offense."
offense is like attacking someone physically, and offence is attacking someone mentally.
you've just learned how to spell!
1 month ago
Justy - Thank you, sensei… *bows*

Mr. F - It’s great!
1 month ago
My favorite song of his is probably "When Can I See You Again", and "Unbelievable".
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