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Rebels vs Empire
Published 4 months ago
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This one wasn't really hard, but it was a bit laggy. I've noticed that when you insert over 1000 pieces, (which in case this is over 3000 pieces) the program becomes laggy, as there are so many pieces. Think of yourself playing Minecraft in survival mode with the Block randomizer on. The block randomizer makes the block mined drop a random item, and a random amount of that item. So basically, you could mine a block of Wood, and get 50 stacks of Dirt (1 stack = 64 blocks, does not include Ender Pearls. Ender pearl stack = 16 pearls)
The more blocks that are left and you cant pick up because your inventory is full, the more laggy the game becomes because there are so many excess block drops which can't de-spawn. Despite suffering extreme lag, I managed to complete the model. It involves a large Tantive IV (4 in roman numerals) and an Imperial Star Destroyer (I couldn't find a Super Star Destroyer.) I know that the starfighters like the X-Wings and others are small. This is because if I imported the bigger models, then the TIE Fighters would be BIGGER than the Tantive IV, which is not true in the films, so I used MICROFIGHTERS to make the smaller ships.
Hope you like it. I haven't decided about my next model to do, but when I figure it out, I will release a little model, and in the description, I will put what the next project.
Until Next time,
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3973 pieces
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