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02.4 - Divide and Conquer
Published 2 months ago
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02.4 - Divide and Conquer

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here:https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

BlueFlame56 almost dropped the sword as it expanded. SlimBrick1 stifled a laugh.
“Not funny,” BlueFlame56 grumbled.
“Let’s go,” Lax_Swag5 urged.
“Right,” SlimBrick1 said and became more serious. They started walking again. BlueFlame56 and Lax_Swag5 played around with their weapons while SlimBrick1 focused on walking. It didn’t take long before SlimBrick1 noticed the figures.
“I see something!” he announced.
“What?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“A giant figure,” SlimBrick1 said.
“Let’s go,” Lax_Swag5 suggested.
“Okay,” BlueFlame56 agreed. They changed their course and started walking towards the figure.
Only around half an hour later they arrived at the figure.
“Cakery?” BlueFlame56 asked.
“Yep,” Cakery replied, making the air shudder.
“What do you know already about this world?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“Well… Happy and Wiz explained pretty much everything I need to know,” Cakery said.
“Wiz and Happy? Where are they now?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“They went into the underground tunnel while following that guy… what’s his name again? Whatever, not important. We chased him down and he went into the underground tunnels. All you need to know is that he wears black armor and works for the system,” Cakery explained.
“Okay. Blue and Lax, would you mind staying up here with Cakery while I find out where Wiz and Happy are?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“And BrickAssassain7,” Cakery added.
“I don’t mind,” BlueFlame56 said.
“I don’t really like the idea of sitting around, but I can understand the reason behind it, so I’ll wait up here for two hours. If you don’t return by then, we’ll come to get you,” Lax_Swag5 said.
“Okay,” SlimBrick1 agreed, and went down into the tunnels.

“If you would excuse me now, I have to take care of my guests before they get impatient,” the black figure said, and walked out of the room.
“Wait! You didn’t even say who you are!” General_Veers called after him.
“Does it look like I care?” the black figure asked.
“We can’t even see your face!” LEGOminis protested. The figure ignored them.
“Don’t walk out on us!” General_Veers yelled after him, but the door had already closed behind the black figure.
“Aw great!” LEGOminis exclaimed.
“What are we going to do now?” General_Veers asked. The two processors were still threateningly aiming their guns at them.
“Hey you! Processor! Who is the guy in the black armor?” LEGOminis asked.
“Restricted information.” the processor simply said.
“Where are we?” General_Veers asked. better to get as many answers out of bots before the black figure returned.
“Underground tunnel facility D14 connecting with the D tunnel system,” the processor said.
“Uh… Okay?” General_Veers said.
“How was the system created?” LEGOminis asked.
“Restricted information.” the processor replied.
“What isn’t restricted information?” General_Veers asked.
“Everything that isn’t restricted information,” the processor replied.
“You have to be kidding me,” General_Veers sighed.
“I am not a kid,” the processor replied.
“What the flip?” General_Veers exclaimed.
“Incomplete answer. Repeat,” the processor said.
“Do you know who I am?” LEGOminis asked.
“Scanning. Identifying. Unidentified object. System link activating… Searching server… Searching user… Searching… Loading… Data file upload… Upload Complete… Identifying… Identification complete and secured. You are LEGOminis,” the processor rambled.
“Correct!” LEGOminis exclaimed.
“What are you even doing?” General_Veers asked.
“Can’t you see? I’m trying to have a conversation with a bot! How many chances in life do you get to speak to a bot?” LEGOminis asked.
“Millions. You can just turn your phone on and talk to siri,” General_Veers replied.
“True…” LEGOminis admitted.

The tunnels were pretty dark.
“Wiz, you got a flashlight?” Happy097 asked.
“It’s not that dark,” Wizardbuilds1 replied.
“But it could still come in handy,” Happy097 said.
“Maybe… But we should probably split up for more efficiency,” WizardBuilds1 replied.
“Are you crazy? That’s how everybody dies in movies!” Happy097 complained.
“Movies are fictional, this is real,” BrickAssassain7 argued.
“Well, some movies are fictional, others aren’t,” WizardBuilds1 replied.
“I still don’t think splitting up is a good idea,” Happy097 said.
“You’ll be fine,” WizardBuilds1 said, then asked,”What weapons do you want, Seven? I have rocket launchers, swords, guns, and sniper rifles,”
“I’d like a sword,” BrickAssassain7 said.
“One or two?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Uhh… one,” BrickAssassain7 replied.
“Okie dokie,” WizardBuilds1 said and handed him two discs.
“Happy, you’ll take right. Seven, you’ll go left, and I’ll go straight ahead,” WizardBuilds1 said. They went their ways, trying to find the black figure. Only Happy097 stayed for a while, staring where WizardBuilds1 and BrickAssassain7 had stood, lost in thought.
“We should stay together,” Happy097 finally mumbled, then went the way WizardBuilds1 had assigned him.

[End of 02.4]
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2 months ago

The first one to say that this chapter is amazing!
2 months ago
It is great!

I know you don't mean it like that but the phrase, " “Hey you! Processor! Who is that black guy?” LEGOminis asked. " could be interpreted differently, just be careful what you put so you don't get in any trouble.
2 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!! & I serious didn't notice that
I hope no one is offended by that phrase, I seriously meant no harm to anyone whatsoever!
2 months ago
Spac3bu1lder1ol - Thanks!!
2 months ago
all right, who's going to change their name to "restricted information"
I mean, you would have a chance at being the figure!
2 months ago

@Anon: Awesome, as usual!
2 months ago
justyouraveragebuilder -

Jaze_Dragon - Thanks!!
2 months ago
The look on my face is ACCURATE. I’ve been in irl situations where splitting up means being picked off one by one. I don’t think the others thought this through.
2 months ago
Just suggestions, but maybe you could call this chapter “Divide And Conquer” or “Divided We Fall”? Although the latter kinda gives away what’ll happen next.
2 months ago
Jaze_Dragon - Thanks for the suggestions!!
2 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Thanks!! xD
2 months ago
2 months ago
I've never mentioned this, but the chapter is called "Devide and Conquer" and it kind of peeves me.
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