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Chapter 11 : Captives through Cyberspace
Published 2 months ago
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Ok, here is chapter 11... what do ya think?

I found myself walking down a dirt road lined with lush vegetation on either side. I was moving at a fairly fast pace, yet still remaining alert and quiet. The thought of awakening some digital beast frightened me, sending another deep feeling to my gut. It had been an hour since Peter had saved me, and pointed me in this direction. How I had missed this path, I don’t know, but that was behind me now, and I had one focus. I had to find my siblings, and this seamed like the most reasonable start. Stopping for a moment, and wincing at a stitch threatening to settle in my side, I looked up at the road ahead of me; it turned to the left, and I could just imagine some frightening creature reveal itself from behind the brush that blocked my view of what lay beyond the bend. Suddenly, I straightened up as a sound caught my ears, one which rumbled in a familiar pattern. At first I jumped at this, every inch of me expecting danger, but as it grew louder I relaxed. A vehicle, probably a diesel powered one. As I stood there, waiting for it to come into view, I wondered what kind of contraption it might be. Though things had seamed fairly normal, taking into account they could have easily been much crazier, I still had to remember that this was all LEGO, and limits didn’t really exist. About a minute later I could hear the vehicle just around the bend, roaring like a hotrod on steroids. However, to my surprise, it just seamed to stay there. I waited about five minutes, contemplating the current, and distracting situation. Finally, with a shrug of my shoulders, I stepped forward and made my way to its location instead. In less than a minute I had made it around, and was now face to face with a huge, beastly, and threatening off road vehicle. In my mind, it seamed to have the appearance U-Haul truck, one which had been remade, repainted, and villainized, if that’s even a word. Exhaust billowed out of pipes located in numerous places, making the truck seam all the more alive. Yet, despite all the almost living details, no real life was seen.

“Hello?” I called out questioningly, making my way to the back of the vehicle.

Suddenly, in a flash of red and black, something appeared from both sides, knocking me to the ground. I quickly shook my head to face whatever had upset my curious position, and froze as the gaze of a faceless being peered into my eyes. Now, forgetting my half poetic style of writing, I can’t completely say that this individuals face was, well, faceless. However, It did not posses the regular features of a human, but a glowing mass of red streaks that marked a dark head of villainy. It was no doubt that this man, who just so happened to be holding a katana over my neck, was a foe. Nor was there any doubt that they had plans to throw me in the back of their threatening, motorized, monster.

“Shoot”, I said in a helpless whisper, feeling heat rise to my head like a burning, liquid, balloon.
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2 months ago
@HAMMERBORNE ...well you were quick to like... not sure I've ever had someone like my post that quickly before.
2 months ago
Hehe! I guess I just happened to be active at right time
2 months ago
Wow awesome chapter! Excited for the next chapter!
2 months ago
and thanks

@DR_06 Thanks, I hope to have the next one out pretty soon
2 months ago
Awesome chapter!! I was going to comment yesterday, but I was getting ready to record a tutorial for my channel, and I was afraid that if I commented, then I would get a notification while recording and that really bugs me lol
and then I forgot to comment when I was done, whoops

Anyways...super excited for the next chapter
2 months ago
These builds just keep getting better!

Great chapter.
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