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My MCU Theory
Published 5 months ago
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I just finished watching Wandavision, and I created a MCU theory that covers the magic sources in the MCU, I will try to explain everything about the theory, but there might be some holes, so if you find one, write in the comments and I will try to take it into account.

-May have spoilers to Wandavision, Dr.strange, and the Thor movies-

Okay, so here we go:
To summarise from the start for the people who are too lazy to read it all; the infinity stones created some sort of energy power which can let people use the power of the stone indirectly, therefore creating magic.

Each stone has a different version of magic with different rules and "Magic tricks"
I will explain more below...

In Wandavison (Spoiler!) Wanda creates the Hex using chaos magic, which is red and creates a new reality. In the MCU the reality stone is red, which could have created the chaos magic which controls reality. This could be a way of magic in the MCU.
Of course, I know Wanda's powers are from the MIND stone and not the REALITY stone. BUT, in a previous scene in Wandavision when Hydra linked Wanda into the MIND stone, she shows her true personality (as the scarlet witch), and there could be that the mind stone gave her knowledge to control her true magic power, which is chaos. If there are more chaos witches in the MCU I do not know, there could be more that has just not been introduced yet.

Next (another Wandavision spoiler) Agnetha is using the power stone for her power, and that way, she can take other's powers and use it against them (like she used against Wanda). This ability could be OP, taking other's magic powers, and seem like it is forbidden to use between the witches. Also, it seems to result in the death of the others, which is very similar to rouge's power. This magic transforms other forms of magic into power, and therefore is POWER magic, following the power stone (which is purple in the MCU). This one must not be that common since most people who learned magic are told that it is forbidden to use that kind of magic.

After that, there is the SPACE stone, as well as the witches which have been shown in Wandavision which (SPOILER!) reached Agentha her magic and then tried to kill her once discovered that she was using power magic, their magic seems simple, even though there is not much information about that type of magic and it could be used in other places. They seem to be in a community of witches and this seems to be more common than others. As well, it seems to be a "Good" way of magic. Billy's magic (Wandavision) could also be connected to that kind of magic, but it cannot be known since (ending of Wandavision).

After that, there are 3 more infinity stones: the time stone, the mind stone, and the soul stone. Honestly, I do not know 100% how they fit in the theory, but I think I could explain their roles.

The mind stone could be Asgardian magic. The mind stone could create the Odinforce which connects to the user's life source and use their mind to the power. Also, an infinity stone will explain (Spoilers to Thor Ragnorok) How Thor and Hela managed to be powerful enough to conquer so many places. By having a magic source from an infinity stone, it would be no problem to get Asgard to where it is now. Other Asgardians that use Asgardian magic would be Heimediel, Hela, Thor, and Loki (and even in Loki's staff there is the mind stone at the Avengers movie). This magic is probably used only or mainly by Asgardians but not all Asgardians.

The next stone to cover would be the SOUL stone, which could be related to Dr. Strange. This magic could have created Eldritch magic (the magic that Dr. Strange and the Ancient one use) and then mastered/discovered by the ancient one. This kind of magic has a big community of people who learn from the ancient one this kind of magic.

One unknown thing for this theory (feel free to share ideas) is the time stone. Dr. strange does use it as a magic source, but directly, so he uses the stone and not the magic. The magic type created by the stone could be sorcery, which could be used by some other marvel character OR (I am maybe wrong since I did not watch Loki) is somehow related to the Time Variance Authority and how they were created, it can also be used by the Enchantress in marvel or some other character and potentially by Dr, doom (even though Dr. Doom might used chaos magic)

Also, not all MCU characters use magic from the infinity stones. Dr. Strange's villains use magic from the DARK DIMENSION, which doesn't have any infinity stones so they have their magic based on another source.

WELLL, this is all, if you have any opinions about what to had, to that you find any holes in the theory, just write in the comments.
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5 months ago
5 months ago
Nice model!

Zicfriz- If I find another piece of self advertising by you done recently as 2 days, I am reporting you!
5 months ago
Just do you are reporting me, sorry bye I leave on MecaBricks
5 months ago
Okay, but how can we determine all of the magic's roots. Just by looking at the colour of the stones. Also, we still need to define magic. Does Vision have magic? Or just enhanced technology?
5 months ago
Then I'm going to have to ask a question. Can we even consider the infinity stones as magic?
5 months ago
Vision use the stone directly (its in his head) but magic users use the magic indirectly. Also its not only color related, but also about which power does it give to the user (Wanda's chaos magic control reality/ Agnes magic let her absorb power) And some magic still haven't been explored much yet into their origins and powers.
And last thing: The infinity stone are magic (I think) but I don't really know their origin in the MCU since that also haven't been explored.

also its just a theory, so it may have a few plot-holes...
4 months ago
Misinformation bit - Loki’s Mind Staff was given by Thanos in order to take over the earth. I don’t think there’s a consensus on why Thanos didn’t just take over earth himself
4 months ago
True, as I said I am not a real MCU expert but this is an idea, the mind stone could still affect Asgardian magic.
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