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Andrew Lacard's Backstory, Epilogue
Published 2 months ago
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AL: As it turns out, I was transported ta this strange new city called "The Capital", at least that's what all the signs said. And, boy, it was nothin' like I'd seen before. It was so fulla fancy gadgets, I didn't even know whereta begin, mostly because I couldn't. Not long after I brought there, I remembered that I had ta ruin kids' lives or else I go down under, and I just didn't know how ta do it. I tried stealin' lollipops n' stuff ta no effect, so I soon decided ta just live my life on the street, waitin ta die....until he showed up.

TCM: Here's you're gun.....

AL: *UF* Well, ya didn't haveta throw it on me!"

TCM: "Do you know George Irwin?"

AL: "Who's askin'?"

TCM: I'm his son. I found out who you were after going through the records of his own life, and I went through great challenges to find out WHERE you were; for one, there's little to no records of an "Andrew H. Lacard' at all in the National Registry, and I'm surprised I even had a photo....but after reading about what you did in my father's memoirs, you seem like a very logical choice to aid me"

AL: "Well, I'm already workin' for someone, so GIT!"

TCM: "Incorrect. You're homeless and lying on the streets. Might I ask what that job is?"

AL: I hafta terrorize children ta make em' bad, but I can't, cuz they just get scared n' run off"

TCM: "Because it's all about choosing the correct demographic, which, based on my calculation and previous experience, I find to be teenagers. They're angsty, rebellious, and are very subsceptible to outside influence."

AL: "I don't know what ya just said, but it sounded smart so I'll take yer word for it"

TCM: "I can help you fulfill that mission, as long as you follow mine, which I will adjust to suit your needs or my own, depending on the task. Plus, you're the closest thing I have to family, and I find that family members are very trustworthy...."

AL: "Dang right at that...so, do I gotta sign somethin?"

TCM: "No. Just follow me back to my base, and we can begin. I have more of your old weapons back there."

AL: "Ooh, even better! Say....what's yer name?"

TCM: "Thomas"

AL: Thomas, huh? "Funny name f'r a robot....."

TCM: "I'm NOT a robot..."

AL: "Eh, if ya say so. Alright Tommy, let's get ta yer base"

AL: And that's how I came ta be where I am now: Workin' for a metal guy n' doin' his biddin'. Well, that last one sounds kinda mean; he's helped me a ton with my task given by the man in black, I know cuz I'm still standin here...hehe....and that's it! Hoped ya liked my action-packed tale of butt-kickin', cuz you'll be seein me in a lot more 'dventures, cuz I never stop! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!
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2 months ago
What will your next story be?
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