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The Masked Jedi
Published 6 months ago
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After the Clone Wars, The Empire began hunting down the last of the Jedi.
Until one started hunting them.


JK. I'm not starting a new story. I just wanted to make a fig to go with my AMAZING Dragon_Saber Inc. lightsaber

Seriously tho, this lightsaber is just breath taking. If we had currency on Mecabricks, I would totally pay her.

Check out Dragon_Saber Inc if you want your own custom lightsaber: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/eDvVXkm52BR

Also, credit to A7X for the awesome gun designs!

Well, hope you enjoyed this random post! Also, just for fun, If you guys have anything you'd like to add to The Masked Jedi's story tell me in the comments!

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6 months ago
Not to pick on you, but do you mean A7X?
6 months ago
You're welcome, and that figure looks amazing!

Thanks for the shout-out!
6 months ago
@Lax, Thanks for catching all my typos today!

@G_V, Thx but I actually can't take credit for any of his weapons

@Dragon, Thanks!
6 months ago
I really feel bad I've been picking on you like this. Who is better at it, me or MB? (I don't care if you pick MB because I'm not the type to correct people...For the most part
6 months ago
Na man it's alright. Obviously I need it

Actually, Mr.B doesn't correct my grammar to much so I really couldn't say
6 months ago
He kind of does a lot on the forum I feel like...Btw Koe, since the forum is so big, it brings us back to the early pages when we click on the link, and @justyouraveragebuilder was wondering why you weren't on the forum anymore.
6 months ago
I guess it's hard for me to have conversations on there anymore cuz it's so big and there are so many people ya know?
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