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Porsche Diorama - Mecabricks Speed Champions Render Contest Entry
Published 3 years ago
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My entry for the Mecabricks Rendering Contest, mostly the same that is seen in my entry/render.
Over 1000 parts were removed to help speed thing up for rendering, and some other parts were added to the final render to fill in gaps and things.

On the left you can see the original colour scheme I had for it, which was much greener and alive. I built it using this picture and this picture as references.
I later decided on a different colour scheme because it looked better for the feeling I was going for, and the car stood out better with the orange. It also seemed somewhat disrespectful for some reason to have it drifting with the green foliage.

And by the way, I really learned a lot about German roads and laws. The white bars along the roadside are called "Leiptfosten" (Or "Deliniators" in English) My rendered version included custom decals for them. And the trees are meant to be Ash trees.

Thanks for taking a look, feel free to let me know what you think!

P.S. Special thanks to NGCHunter2 for answering my strange questions about the roads over there, and sharing his thoughts about this along the way.
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3 years ago
I'm really glad you decided to go for the Autumn color scheme, I think it compliments the color of the porsche very well. Also, it's cool that you researched actual german roads for this render
3 years ago
I'm still a big fan of those trees. I really, really like them.

And the bending of the road is outstanding as well, it adds some more depth to the scene. Best of luck for your entry!
3 years ago
so cool love the autumn i hope i goes well good luck
3 years ago
@BrickHoard Thanks, me too.
I really went in depth with my research, first of all realizing that Porsche was a German brand and not Italian. Bit of a mistaken assumption there.

@NGCHunter2 Thank you! Funny thing is, there are really only 3 or 4 different versions just turned differently. I was concerned it would be noticeable that they're all the same, but thankfully it's not very obvious. The hill really helped it look better than a flat strait expanse. I though about doing a curve, but it would have been really hard to do that.

@Midnight4016 Thanks!
3 years ago
Very nice, I cannot wait to see the render!
3 years ago
@Marqcrewtx I guess my link wasn't obvious enough, sorry about that. I'll upload it here anyways though, that way it may be easier for people to find.
3 years ago
Simply incredible! I don't know how I missed that link. What do you use to make headlights glare like that and all the lighting effects?
3 years ago
@Marqcrewtx Thanks! I use HitFilm Express 2017 for my image/video editing. I also use the Blender Compositor, but less often. For the flares I used the Light Flares Effect, set to Anamorphic Streak for the Truck's headlights, and Anamorphic Spike for everything else that needed it. The fires in the background were stock footage (as images, taken from video clips) with the background keyed out and set to emission. Sparks and embers were added in post, they were stock clips too. A good pack is HitFilm's Christmas giveaway from 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqyLaL43wkw I used some from other sites (all free), that I found with a bit of searching.
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