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Me for Dawn of Knight!
Published 5 months ago
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Hello! Here is my (EXTREMELY belated) entry for Dawn of Knight!

Name: Aragorn, son of Arathorn, AKA Elessar, or Elfstone, AKA Dunadan, or Strider. (JK) Here's his real name: Jarem (pronounced jAHrehm) Arlamoore.

Alter Ego: The Gold Knight.

Age: 16 (So, he's one of the younger knights.)

Gender: Male

Alternate World: He lives in a world similar to our Midieval times, or Dark ages. One difference! (Well, actually quite a few.) First of all, there are no oceans on his planet, just seas about as large as the Dead sea here on earth. Therefore, his civilization has not developed ships, and that sort of thing. His country is called Romadon. It is the Domain of Knights (Roma - Domain, country, kingdom. Don - Knight, lord, warrior). He is the son of the chief Don, whose name is Ja (Pronounced jAH) Arlamoore. Ja rules the little country of Romadon, and is the captain of the Gondon (Gon - Order, class, force). The Gondon is a group of Knights who protect the Romadon. Oh, and weapons are sentient. (IKR?)

Bio: Was born and raised in the Romadon, and when he was old enough, recieved training to become a member of the Gondon. But his heart was never really in it. He did it just to please his father. It's not that he didn't enjoy fighting for freedom, but he felt the Romadon had bad motives for fighting. You see, the Gondon fought for Order, and peace throughout the land. And peace means that the knights control EVERYTHING. And Jarem doesn't fell right about that. The land is peaceful, and happy, but very restrictive about things that don't need to be restricted. (I'm pretty much making the up as I go along. xD)

Weaknesses: Not very good at explaining himself, and therefore doesn't have the courage to confront his father about things that bother him. A bit of a weakling, so it's pretty easy to master him if he's angry (And therefore not using his brains). (Yes, I said "Brains" With an 's.' I'm SO old fashioned). He relies a BIT too much on his weapons, and not enough on advice, intelligence, ect. (BTW, his sword, Mobilius, is pretty sassy and smart. His spear is, well, quiet. He doesn't say much. He's had a long, tired life).

Strengths: Very good at hand-to-hand combat (AKA foot-to-foot combat), Strong-willed, not easy to defeat his will (AKA make him give up), Has a bit of skill in the craft of Manatuma (Mana - Living, alive, sentient. Tuma - weapon, tool), but his sword and spear were made for him. Very, VERY competitive.

Quirks, Extra info: Just LOVES to talk to his weapons (Well, mainly his sword), and they are pretty much his only friends. Is good with animals, and loves to climb trees (Random, I know). Is kinda scared of his father. His mother isn't really THERE. Like, he hardly ever sees her. He's an only child (RIP).

Well, I hope that works! I know it's asking a bit much, but could you PLEASE consider including him as a main character? I would really appreciate it. Well, that's all folks!

God bless, 011 out.
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5 months ago
Awesome! Glad most of it's sorted out! Look forward to the day you get to come back!
5 months ago
Man... this is... I'm typeless...
5 months ago
Nice to meet you, Aragorn, son of Arathorn.
Shouldn't you be using Anduril though?
5 months ago
It's broken! Oh wait, it's not. Oops...
5 months ago
Narcil was broken. Anduril is the new one.
5 months ago
whoa, ok talking weapons!? that's just awesome!!! that world is really unique too! this is a very good character my friend

on the main character thing:
well no, sorry bro
. your character's really good, BUT the story already has a main character.
(however, i'm already thinking about a squeal with one or two characters from the first one and all the character i didn't use, so maybe he can be the main character of that one
5 months ago
Knight: No, you misunderstand me. You said there were 6 main character slots, right? I meant that maybe he could be one of those characters. (I said that because there were already 6 entries.)

GM2: Oh, forget it. Just, "Stand, men of Mecabricks!"
5 months ago
(You said squeal)
5 months ago
BTW, it's "Narsil," not "Narcil." (I think)
5 months ago
1. YOu're right, it's narsil
2. ????
5 months ago
@Op011, ohmigosh i'm a idiot
sorry bout that. (to answer your REAL question, um i can't tell you. you see, your not the first person to ask me that and i didn't tell them so it wouldn't be fair if i told you (i also can't cuz i haven't even decided on the characters yet

@Guitarman i did
wow i'm on a roll today
5 months ago
KoE: Okay! That's perfectly fine, and if you don't include him (as a main character), that's perfectly fine.
5 months ago
BTW, the inspiration for the talking weapons was from...

(Ninjago Season 13 spoiler!)

"Korgrand's axe, which does not talk." (It totally does!)

(...At least to Korgrand.)
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