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*WARNING: MAY UPSET SOME* Guess the (Well-Known) MecaBricks User!
Published 2 months ago
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Well, here you go!


This’ll probably be the last “character” game I do, since it feels unfair to profit so much from Amy’s idea.

For those who weren’t included in this list—

For those who believe they “don’t deserve” to be included in this list—
BE WARNED: If you protest your “unworthiness” in the comments, you may be subjected to—MORE FLATTERY.

Top Row:


3. Bookworm
4. Strings
5. Weekly Challenge
6. Mechs
7. Wilderness
8. Spidey Fan
9. Christian
10. Alien

Bottom Row:

11. Stabby-Stab
12. Brother
13. (Also) Brother

14. Clone
15. Knight
16. Castle
17. Freak

18. Big Hero 6
19. Election
20. Animator

I’m off to write the next chapter of JttEM—peace!
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2 months ago
Oh! This should be fun
... let me see now... um...

1. Um... I honestly have no idea
... super ugly though

2. Definitely SnapStudio, I'd know him anywhere

3. Dragon_Rider06 Like, that's unmistakeable
... also, I love how you did the scarf

4. Guitarman2, nobody else is that cool... nobody else is that dark and deep...

5. Hmm... if it only had a visor. I'm going to guess Operator011, but it could also be Jaze_Dragon... not sure... but I'm pretty sure it's Op.

6. MOCMaster! Another Unmistakeable!

7. LegoWilderness... *sniff*... we all miss the guy...

8. Jeepers Creepers! I have no idea!?!?! I really feel like I should know this... but... I don't
... literally... I don't know this one... for real, I'm not joking O_O.

9. Lego_Lover! Recognize him anywhere

10. MrBrick, really cool guy, clone trooper fanatic, great clipper, so much more I could say about him

11. Justyouraveragelegobuilder... and YIKES!!!! He has a knife!!!

12. Fireblade28, I'm glad he's settled on his name now
... used to change like old tires.

13. PyrokineticNinjaMaster, my fellow featherhead... we met each other on LegoIdeas, discovering we both liked the Wingfeather Saga like at the same time, and commenting on each others models

14. Lax_Swag! A fellow baseball fan, wish he was more active on here.

15. KnightofElabor, I mean... who else wears a helmet?

16. AmyOak, I don't know of any other user with purple hair.

17. SlimBrick! He's got a pet lizard or something... I really wanted him to be president once

18. TallGirl, Beard, Twins, Purple Hoser!

19. IanTheMage, strange fellow eh?

20. Blueflame! I was once building a Blueflame mech... and that was before I knew about this guy
... well... I think this is Blueflame... right?
2 months ago
Greenie - Thanks for participating!
(Also, “1” is quite a handsome fellow, in my opinion!
2 months ago
, well, not everyone has good taste
... which two did I get wrong?
2 months ago
Greenie - I can’t tell you yet, but I will PM you…
2 months ago
1: Greenflame24th, I guess that theirs more of them o_O

2: Snapingtonstudios, (I think they specialise in turtles

3: the great Dragon Rider, famous writer of stories.

4: GuitarManthe2nd,

5: 0perat0rO11,

6: it took me ages but eventually (after banging my head against a wall, pacing back and forth, pouring water over my head, standing upside down. I finally remembered) MocMaster

7: Lego wilderness

8: my apologies but I don't know who it is. :- (

9: our fellow Lego_Lover

10: Mr Brick, (the family man)

11: o_o Justy, with a knife

12: Flamewielder,Firewielder, Flameblade, Fireblade28 (I haven't changed my name very much recenty) thanks for including me

13: (nearly said his irl name o_o) Pyro my bro, my best friend, and the guy I hang out with

14: the guy who got me hocked on CW and a great friend on MB the great LaX SwAg 5

15: King Of Elabor,

16: Amyoak

17: a recent found friend Slim2x4brick

18: TallGirl, (who is slightly taller then Guitarman)

19: Ian the mage/imposter

20: ze anonym
2 months ago
I shall use my rather large amount of nicknames for everyone to help me remember.

1. Greenie (Greenflame24)
2. Zee Snapper, SnapStudios (SnapStudio)
3. D_R, Dragon, 6th Dr., the list goes on! xD (Dragon_Rider06)
4. G-man, Drogan, Dark Lord of the Guitars (I’ll admit that I came up with that one right now), JOATMON, Master of Clipping, my best friend, etc.
5. Hmm . . . I wonder who this fellow could be?
6. MM, Exclamation Man (MOCmaster)
7. LW, Mac (only Twiggy uses that, though xD), etc (LWProductions)
8. Hrm . . . could it perhaps be CJ, TheSpyderBrick? :thonk:
9. The LOL himself, the Lover of LEGO! (Lego_Lover)
10. Don’t really understand how Master Brickins is an alien, but okie.
2 months ago
Accidentally posted the last one. xD

11. Justy, our average builder. (justyouraveragebuilder)
12. FirebaldDozen+Four! : D (Fireblade28)
13. Pyro, the longest username guy (PyrokineticNinjaMaster)
But yes, the swaggity lacrosse man. (Lax_Swag5)
15. The Knight of Elaborate-ness, the Knight of E-labor, Elabor Musk these are just coming in the fly at this point xD, Hot Choco- Coffee man (KnightofElabor)
2 months ago
Accidentally sent it, again.

16. Amy Oakley! : D (AmyOak)
17. SlimBrick1. Sadly never came up with a nickname for him . . . sigh
18. TallGirl . . . did she have some numbers in her name? thonks
19. Ian_TheFish, The Mage, The Realmwalker, his list of titles goes on. (Ian_TheMage)
20. The Animator, also the man with the hardest to remember username of all time.
(I’m gonna guess TH3_@N0NYM)
2 months ago
Op - WAIT—you actually got 19/20, too!
2 months ago
Op - Also, Mr. Brick’s bio is: I might be an alien, no one really knows
(I’ve never met him, all personal-like.
2 months ago
I feel violated
1: greenie
2; Snap
3; D_R
4; G_man
5; Op
6; MOCmaster
7; LW
8; TheSpyderBrick
9; L_O_L
9; MrBrick
9; Justy who stole my knives
10; FireBlade
11; Pyro
12; Lax
13; KOE
14; AmyOak
15; SlimBrick
16; tallgirl
17; Ian
18; Anonym!

I messed up the numbers, didnt i?
2 months ago
1. Greenflame24
2. SnapStudio
3. ?
4. Guitarman2
5. Operator011
6. MOCMaster
7. ?
8. TheSpyderBrick
9. Lego_Lover
10. ?
11. Justyouraveragelegobuilder
12. Fireblade28
13. PyrokineticNinjaMaster
14. Lax_Swag5
15. KnightofElabor
16. AmyOak
17. SlimBrick1
18. TallGirl
19. ?
20. ?
2 months ago
Cold - Everything you guessed you got right, so 15/20.
2 months ago
Chuck - Also, I’m not sure what you meant exactly by “violated”.

Violated means:

1. To break or fail to comply with a rule or formal agreement.
2. Fail to respect someone's peace, privacy, or rights.
3. Vandalize a respected place.
4. And—er…

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I didn’t do any of those things…
2 months ago
Thank ye!

And I feel violated because I am a pretty well-known user and didn't make the cut (kinda like Waluigi in smash), but I was mainly kidding xD
2 months ago
Chuck - (Even though the incorrect use of that word confuses me…
) …I’m sorry you feel left out.
You’re still very important—MB needs every user to make it the great place it is!


2 months ago
Wait, Chuck got 20/20, and I gave the same answer about No. 8 that he did! Something’s fishy . . . and I don’t mean Ian.
2 months ago
Heads up! (For new participants)
I’ll be gone for the next 24 hours, so I’ll answer all new guesses a little bit later.
2 months ago
You know, you can pretty much tell everyone by their headgear.

1. Greenflame24, (This one was almost too easy, but seriously, who doesn't know Greeny?)
2. Snappy, (Otherwise known as a snapping turtle)
3. My alter-ego (bookworms are good for the garden, just saying)
4. Guitarman2, (I feel like your little avatar should be holding a guitar . . . )
5. Operator011, (as Greeny said, it could be Jaze, but it's Op's hair)
6. MocMaster, (Haven't spoken in a long time . . .)
7. Dear old Legowilly, (Wish you were here . . .)
8. Couldn't tell you.
9. LegoLover! (Wish you were still around, bro. Offically the one person who helped me find my feet)
10. MrBrick, (Mister CommentEncouragingThingsOnManyOfMyUnseenModels)

11. Justy, (It's the hair, I'm telling you)
12. Fireblade, (Fantasy things forever!)
13. PyroKineticIcan'tbebotheredspellingouttherestofhisname, (One of the best builders on here!)
14. Lax (Purple, ol' mate's trademark)
15. The mighty SirElabor, (Elabor is a nice world, you should vist some time)
16. AmyOak, (Never really spoke, but I recognise the sig from some of Greeny's post comments)
17. Slimbrick (Or Slimebrick, remember that?
18. Tallgirl (Were you the L.M. Montgomery fan? I think you were)
19. IantheFish (Just wondering, are you the impostor, or is it your other half?)
20. I wouldn't know.
2 months ago
1: greenflame
2:snap studio
3: not sure, im so sorry
4: also not sure
6:moc master
7: im so sorry
8: still unsure
9:lego lover
10: not sure
11:just your average builder
12: I recognise it but cant remember who it is rn
14:Lax swag
18:honey lemon ( it think she changed her name to tall girl though)
20:blue flame

I missed so many of these, I am so sorry to everyone i didnt recognise
2 months ago
Greenie: 16. AmyOak, I don't know of any other user with purple hair.

It keeps me recognisable
2 months ago
Your guesses are so funny
. The fact that you literally took the time to write a longer name for Pyro than he actually has, yet say that you don't have time to write his real one?!?!?
. Also, why didn't is surprise me that L_L is the one who "helped you get your feet planted"? I don't know, I literally joined like right as he left, but for some reason I can totally see that.

2 months ago
Ok!! Lets do this!!

Top Row
No.1 Greenflame24
No.2 SnapStudio

No.5 Operator011
No.6 MOCMaster

Bottom Row
No.11 I don't know, Some average builder??
Nah!! It's justyouraveragebuilder!!
No.12 *Voice from the shadows* It's Fireblade28

No.14 Lax_Swag I believe
No.15 KnightofElabor, Damn that's a pretty cool sword!!
No.16 Hmmm, I wonder who that is??

HA!! Ha, Ha, Ha,
Oh I love my bad jokes, It's none other then AmyOak!!
No.17 SlimBrick And No.18 TallGirl
No.20 The_An0nym??
That's all I can guess!!

*Looks at the title of the model*
*Looks at the model*

Not well-known am I?? Pah, I think 3.1k views is pretty impressive...
2 months ago
@worry_not: Worry not! I have 15k and was forgotten, so it is not you xD
2 months ago
anxiously trying to find myself
2 months ago
Greeny, Snapstudios, Dragon Rider, Guitar man, Operator, Mocmaster, LW, don't know, Lego_Lover, MrBrick, Justy, fireblade, Pyro, Lax, KoE, Amy, Slimbrick, Tallgirl, Ian(?), and An0nym
2 months ago
Uh. Im missing... Perhaps I need to make my own microfigure.
2 months ago
D_R - 18/20!
Amy - 12/20! (Also, that’s the direction I was going with my white/silver hair!
Worriz - 11/20! (I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend so many…
Cakery - Nice work, 19/20!

A note, for all gathered today—and all the other days:
If anyone feels like making another “character game” with NEW users, go ahead. (It was Amy’s idea, anyhow)
Just don’t BLAME me for lowering your self-esteem—‘KAY?!?!?!

Second note (for all the days): (JK)
2 months ago
1. Greenflame
2. Snap
3. Dragon Rider
4. Guitarman
5. Op
6. MOCmaster?
7. LegoWilderness Prod
8. IDK
9. L_L
10. Mr Brick (I had to check a forum)
11. justyouraveragemurderer
12. Fireblade
13. Pyroguy
14. Lax
15. KOE
16. AmyOak
17. Slimbricks (he was dead but now alive... kind of)
18. TallGirl (@wiz, too tall)
19. Iandafish
20. An0nym mouse
2 months ago
@Wiz, you know what would be cool? A "Guess the (OG) user" featuring many old Mecabricks users.
2 months ago
The_Farter - Nice job, 19/20! (Also, doesn’t this already contain the “OG” users?
I tried to stuff in every “Legend” I could…
2 months ago
"I tried to stuff in every “Legend” I could"

Oh so that explains why I'm not on this model!!

Ouch, That hurts

I'm joking!!


That's a lot!!
All of a sudden my 3.1K looks very Very weak...
2 months ago
@Wiz, I meant old users Citrine and Bishop.
2 months ago
Worriz -

The_Farter - *shrug* You can if you want. I know I’m done: “Enough of these games!” (Literally
2 months ago
Wiz: He means the OG, OG users.
This category includes peeps like CJ, L_L, LW, MM, etc, but also folks like Bishop, Brickboy, TG, etc. They came before the likes of Greenie and such walked this website.
Then came Lax, Chuck, and their “generation”, then you, Slim, An0nym, etc.
(Disclaimer: this list is made from knowledge gathered from my time on MB. xD)
2 months ago
Op - Yeah, I understood. (I said he could make it if he wanted to.
2 months ago
I am relatively new xD

well, if you say 1 year is new xD
2 months ago
Makes sense I’m not here…
2 months ago
1. Greenco
2. Snappers
3. the sixth Lizard Jockey
4. two Men with string instruments.
5. how can I direct your call?
6. sensei My own creations
7. Megabloks Forest
8. uh... Spiderman?
9. Lover of Lego
10. Monsieur Plate
11. a guy who seems really handsome and cool
12. FireBaldGuy
13. Firework samurai
14. Ex-Lax
15. a guy whose mother was a hamster and whose father smelt of elderberries, except in Elabor.
16. Amy the tree
17. Slimer
18. Girl LongLegs
19. FISH
20. Nano tech
2 months ago
okay, now that I've read the comments, I picked my two favorites.
Chuck, I didn't steal your knives. well, ya can't prove it!
CatatonicToot, I'll never tell...
2 months ago
my nicknames not the best but it could be worse, So sorry lego lover
2 months ago
1. Greenie
2. Snap
3. D_R
4. Really? Why is that guy here? His models are terrible, and they always crash everyone's computers! And he hasn't even posted anything in a month! Honestly, this guy should be replaced by Wiz, who's a heck ton cooler.
5. Op! (wait, was Operator011 actually going to be Operator0!! but he forgot to capitalize the 1s?)
6. MOCmaster.
7. LW
8. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, looks familiar, but don't know him. Feel like I should though.
9. L_L (or L_O_L, depending on what platform you're on)
10. MrBrick.
11. JUSTY (*sigh* all those windows)
12. FB28
13: Pyro
14. Lax
15. KoE
16. AmyOak
17. Slimbrick, I think?
18. TallGirl
19. *sigh* Ian.
20. The_Anonym, at least that was his username the last time I saw him.
2 months ago
GMan - Thanks for participating! I’d give you 19/20, but I’m sorry to say… @Reallywhyisthatguyherehismodelsareterribleandtheyalwayscrasheveryone'scomputersandhehasn'tevenpostedanythinginamonthhonestlythisguyshouldbereplacedbywizwho’sahecktoncooler… isn’t a real user.
2 months ago
@Wiz: I suppose that's true.
2 months ago
1. Greenie
2. Snappers
3. Dragon_Rider06
4. GuitarMan2
5. Operator011
6. MocMaster
7. LWproductions (or whatever his name is now)
8. No earthly Idea
9. Legolover
10. mr. brick
11. justy
12. Fireblade
13. PyrokineticNinjaMaster (I had so much fun typing that XD)
14. Laxative Swag5
15. Knight_of_Elabor
16. Amy Oak
17. ? I honestly have no earthly idea who this is... I mean, Freak? What does that even mean? You made this one hard.
18. Hmph. I know who this is but I won't say it because... sibling problems XD Tall Grill
19. Ian The marge
20. The Anonynonym

Sorry, These are the only models I will comment on. cya!!!
2 months ago
and yes, Dragon rider, I do remember "slimebrick" XD
2 months ago
I could call you “SlimBric-A-Brack” if you wanted!
2 months ago
eh... I like Mr. Freak better
2 months ago
I should probably stop commenting to you, or else I’m encouraging you to break the rules…
2 months ago
Not at all surprised that im not up there, i havent really been active at all lately and no one really seems to have noticed so... lol, i guess?
2 months ago
Kraus: More people probably recognize you by your PFP than your sig-fig anyway.
2 months ago
"who's there"
"I'm who"
"I'm certainly not up there XD"
2 months ago
i'm glad to be considered "well-known" even though i've only posted like 1 model in the past year lol

also it's a good thing (mostly) everyone guessed me correctly
2 months ago
MrBrick -
Sorry we’ve never met! I included you because I saw how socially beloved you were.
I post about a model about every day, (sort of what’s kept me popular…
) and I still won’t ever be as important to this community as, say, you or Greenie or GM2.
2 months ago
I feel like i might've commented on a few of your builds before, but that could just be my own imagination xD
1 month ago
1. Greenflame24

2. SnapStudio

3. DragonRider

4. Guitarman

5. Operator


7. LegoWilderness

8. How do I not know this- O_O

9. Lego_Lover (Unmistakable!)

10. Mr.Brick? I feel as if it's somebody else but I can't think of the name. o_0

11. Justy... Nope- Corny.

12. Fireblade28

13. PyroKineticNinjaMaster

14. Lax Of course. The first person I met on here and my first friend on here.

15. Knight of Elabor

16. AmyOak My blender mentor. (Other than Vampirish)

17. TallGirl

18. Slimmy

19. IanTheMage

20. An0n
4 weeks ago
Vegan_Studios - *Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” plays*
4 weeks ago
Wizard builds, you spelled "Fallen kingdom-by Captain Sparklz" wrong
4 weeks ago
AmyOak - *searches up the song*
I wouldn’t know that song, I don’t play Minecraft. Also, no offence… But the original version is still the best.
3 weeks ago
I am EXTREMELY offended I am not included. I am EASILY the coolest person on mecabricks despite my controversy
3 weeks ago
Jalc - At least you’re the only one who’s joking…
3 weeks ago
Vegan - Oh, please. Spare me the theatrics. *eyeroll*
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