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06.3 - Doubt
Published 1 month ago
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06.3 - Doubt

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Why has he gone silent?” SuperPup1 asked.
“What do you mean?” Happy097 asked.
“Anon! He won’t reply anymore!” SuperPup1 exclaimed.
“I’m sure he’s just busy or something,” BlueFlame56 said.
“Maybe…” SuperPup1 sighed.
“And, just to change the topic, who wants to carry BlackFlame49 now?” BlueFlame56 asked.
“I’ll carry him!” BrickAssassain7 volunteered.
“Alright, here you go,” BlueFlame56 said and passed BlackFlame49 to BrickAssassain7, who didn’t expect him to be so light and almost dropped him.

“Jaze!” WizardBuilds1 exclaimed. Galaxist, who was some seconds behind WizardBuilds1, arrived, panting.
“Wiz! And you’re… Uh… What was your name again?” Jaze_Dragon asked.
“Galaxist,” Galaxist panted.
“Ah, right! Anyway; What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you all be gathering at the portal?” Jaze_Dragon asked.
“Portal?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Yeah! The time-travelling portal that will take you all back into your original bodies and stuff,” Jaze_Dragon explained.
“Wait… There is a way back?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Yeah…? That’s great news, right?” Jaze_Dragon asked.
“It is, but why didn’t Anon leave if he knew how to do it all this time?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Maybe he waited for the right moment?” Jaze_Dragon suggested. Galaxist leaned against the wall, too tired to participate in the conversation.
“Or maybe he’s the reason we’re here. Maybe he pulled us into Mecabricks so that he could escape,” WizardBuilds1 said.
“Yeah… I think there are too many flaws in that theory… And even if he did that; we’re nice guys, ready to help our friends, are we not?” Jaze_Dragon asked.
“Yes… You have a point,” WizardBuilds1 said.

“So, the system is gone, right?” Digital_Guy_4 asked.
“It should be gone, yes,” YellowFlame37 replied. The constant whirring of the elevator calmed his nerves, as he thought of the best way to tell everyone that Anon might have given the system one of their bodies, so it would leave. XillComics was chilling in one of the corners, while XYZextreme was being taken care of by Mick4575. Mick4575 was also trying to convince Daedalus not to stand up, because it would only hurt him. Lego_Tron was in another corner of the elevator, gazing like he had seen a ghost.
“We’re almost there!” Digital_Guy_4 announced, looking at the rapidly changing number of floors they were passing.
“Aww, I was just getting sleepy!” XillComics complained.
“You know we can’t sleep in this world,” Mick4575 replied.
“I know… It’s what I miss most. When I’m back, the first thing I’ll do is sleep two days straight in my own, soft bed,” XillComics said.
“The first thing I’ll do is run out onto the streets and scream in happiness,” Mick4575 said.
“Are you serious? I’d eat the first thing I see, and I won’t even care if it is my sock!” Digital_Guy_4 exclaimed.
“Eww! The first thing I’d do is throw my computer out the window,” Lego_Tron said.
“Same,” Daedalus croaked.
“Are you alright buddy?” Mick4575 asked.
“Yes, I’m fine,” Daedalus groaned in a very unconvincing way. The elevator stopped and it’s doors opened. Empty hallways greated them.

“Uh… is that who I think it is?” FireBlade28 asked.
“I think it is!” Cakery exclaimed. Both of them ran towards the two figures at the other side of the hallway. ConnorLEGO and Nate_Aardman waved as they saw them. Now that Cakery was closed, he noticed that Nate_Aardman was missing an arm.
“What the flip happened to you?” FireBlade28 asked.
“We had a run in with the orange dude,” ConnorLEGO replied.
“Seriously? What happened?” Cakery asked.
“Cakery? Is that you?” Nate_Aardman questioned.
“Yeah. So can you tell us what exactly happened to you?” Cakery replied.
“Oh, not much… we were participating in this weird bet, and crossed paths with that mean orange guy, who cut off my arm, which surprisingly doesn’t hurt that much… Anyway; Wiz and Galaxist found us unconscious and helped regain our strength, when suddenly Slimmy came around the corner and ran past us. Wiz and Galaxist had been waiting for this chance since a while, but because Slimmy was already way past us, they decided to go the way he had come from, in hope to find more users… but because we were to weak, we decided that we would stay and they would go explore, so yeah… That’s that,” Nate_Aardman explained.
“There are even more users?” FireBlade28 asked.
“Yeah, everyone is in these hallways,” ConnorLEGO replied.
“Everyone?” FireBlade28 asked.
“Everyone except a few,” Nate_Aardman answered.
“Alright… So which way should we go now?” Cakery asked.
“I thought you knew that…” ConnorLEGO said.
“Don’t you guys know where we should go?” FireBlade28 asked.
“Nope,” Nate_Aardman replied.

[End of 06.3]
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I get a bit confoozed at times with the story, it's all happening really fast, so the system being shut down is a surprise to me!
also what was with the portal thingoos at the beginning?
the story is still cool though!
1 month ago
legomaster6383 - If you have any question, just ask me (preferably through PMs)

Seb - Thanks!!

Justy - Thanks!!
& If you have any questions, just PM me
I'll try to answer them!If I understand the question, that is XD
1 month ago
I'll be on a short break (2-3 days)
Don't expect me to be online
Anyway; Have a nice day!!
4 weeks ago
You have a point—we ARE very nice...
2 weeks ago
BrickAssassain7 - Thanks!!
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