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TG's Story: Chapter 2: Crash
Published 3 months ago
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One day, while I was being drove to boxing, there was another car behind us going so fast. I yelled at him. He yelled at me back. I took out a pair of scissors and threw them at the car. It sped up to us and passed us. Then, it stopped. We stopped just in time before we could crash into it. Then, it drove super fast and hit us so hard we flew out of the car. I found the person that was driving the other car. He seemed to say "I'm your friend's-" but it was already too late. I kicked him into an oil leakage. I thought the car looked like something I'd seen a lot of times, but there was no time to solve that mystery. I had to get out of the fire. But, as I ran, I got weaker and weaker. Then, I couldn't even move anymore. I laid on the road. Eyes closed. Heart stopped. Brain not operating. I was dead. A few hours later, some police officers searched the accident. They only found two kids, dead. One of which, was me. The other... Cal. (No, this did not actually happen)

(Okay, so there ya go. That's it for Part 2. I'll get started on the next one and I'll see ya soon BBBYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

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3 months ago
Wow... this escalated quickly.
3 months ago
3 months ago
Pretty dark for a 9 year old!
(You are 9-right?)
3 months ago
3 months ago
Yet I can still understand complex algebra.
3 months ago
I'ma work on a model now. Brb.
3 months ago
What @Interbrick said XD

Just 2 things:
-who in the actual heck would throw SCISSORS of all things at a car (unless you really want to key their windshield or something)
-Are you dead or in a coma? Is cal jelinski in a coma?
3 months ago
1 Question: Why on earth would you throw something (least of all scissors) at another car? As a driver, that is a TERRIBLE idea in every way.
3 months ago
No, I'M not driving myself there. I'm being DROVE there.

Also, at this point in time I was only 7, my little brain only thinking the strangest things.
3 months ago
Since you were being DRIVEN there (drove is past tense active voice) at 7, you were probably a bit young to be in boxing??
3 months ago
@ArmoredBricks it's never too early to learn how to beat the crud out of someone
3 months ago
by TG
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