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Myself for @Guitarman2's Team Arcturus
Published 3 months ago
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This model is for @Guitarman2's army thing. I'm dressed up here for guerrilla warfare with my fighter.
My stealth fighter is very advanced. It has a advanced cloaking device which makes it invisible to scanners and the naked eye. It can stay invisible for long periods of time. It has powerful lasers and Ion cannons for knocking out other fighters power. It also has heavy-duty shields and can reach speeds of mark-8 (which is 8 times the speed of sound i think:)).

I hope you like it.
This project went out on Australia January 1st so...
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 months ago
Not that I don't like this ship (Absolutely not, these things are sleek as heck), but have you ever considered using the jedi starfighter that came after this one? (the slightly smaller one in Revenge of the Sith with an open middle). I personally like that design better because it feels like it's a bit more of an agile starfighter than this one. But I was just wondering.
3 months ago
Nice! I will add that in!
3 months ago
Did you use my version of Anakin's Starfighter for this? It looks awesome! (And happy new year!)
3 months ago
I think with the cloaking tech that this one works better. It's a really cool model!
3 months ago
@TheReformedCalcMan, yes I did consider using the newer jedi starfighter but I didn't like the design. I really like this fighter. I do like the other one but in my opinion this one is better.

@Lego_User no I didn't use it. Thanks and Happy New Year!

@Guitarman2 thanks!
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