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Chapter Eight
Published 2 months ago
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Ok, here it is! Also, just for fun could some of y'all tell me, in a semi short version, what you think is going to happen in this story?

Wham! Tristan looked down at his latest victim, and then back up at the two teenage girls who stood stunned. Fear and wonder were in their eyes, along with tears which hadn’t yet been freed.

“Never come out this late, it’s not safe. Now call the police,” he said before giving a slight salut and vanishing into that alleyway. He watched from the nearest rooftop until all was fine.

Bzzt. His earpiece vibrated, and then Chris’ voice came alive.

“Tristan is this working?”

“Yes,” he spoke into the small microphone that Chris had all but mandated they use.

“Great! Anyways, have you gotten anyone yet?”

“Yeah,” he looked around, and then continued. “I’ve gotten like three. Lost one, he ran off and into a building or something.”

“Ok, that’s good. I’ve found two, and Robert got twelve.”

“Twelve!” Tristan said in wonder.

“Yeah, he’s like, really good.”

“Anyways, we’ll meet up in an hour or so.”

“See ya,” Chris’s voice disappeared, leaving Tristan alone on the rooftop again.

It was about thirteen minutes until he spotted another human, but he wasn’t up to anything. Crawling down a service latter, Tristan walked around a corner, and then up another. The buildings served them well as safe, and profitable, lookouts. Plus, they helped the ‘ninja’, as Chris had been calling them, learn more unique climbing skills. Another ten or so minutes passed, and he soon spotted a small group of guys walking and murmuring something to each other. He would follow them. They turned this way and that, an occasional laugh rippling amidst their gang. Once, upon coming across a single fellow, they shoved him into the wall but continued on. He seemed to be a ‘friend’ of some sort. Eventually, they tucked themself away into an older building, and Tristan sat down for a minute of rest. They hadn’t really been any trouble. Pulling his sleeve up he gazed down at his watch. It was about time to meet up with the others behind the Fredrick Pavilion.


Once there he found Robert leaning up against the wall, and Chris soon joined them. They gave a few brief remarks, and then parted ways. Tristan retrieved a duffle bag from behind a stack of crates, ducked inside one of the numerous abandoned buildings, and quickly changed back into his normal clothes. It was time to get home, it had been a late work day.

The walk home was long, but not terribly long. He knew the way through the allies, he’d known them for years.

“Tristan,” an uncommon yet familiar voice spoke in a small whisper. He turned and looked around, finally spotting the hooded figure in the shadows. Once the man knew he’d been seen, he stepped forward while removing his hood.

“Dad,” Tristan whispered back, longingly staring into the kind and unshaven face of his father.

“What are you doing out here at night?”

“Um, I’m coming home from a late work day. What are you, or I guess—”

“I was on my way home. I have an okay stash of money I was going to give y’all.” He reached inside his coat, pulling out a small, yet stuffed, pouch. It was then that Tristan noticed a bloodstained bandage wrapped around his right hand.

“Thanks,” he took it and gave a fake smile. His father was so confusing.

“Is Ellen right?”

“Yes, moms fine. She’ll be happy to see you.”

“Well, I’m kinda,” he looked off and sighed. “I’m kinda in a rush and only had time to give you this. If you can take it I—”


“I just have to go,” he said quietly. His eyes were sad, yet passionate. There was something in them, he looked away before Tristan could really attempt to read whatever it was they’d reveal. “I’m sorry, I just have to go.” He turned and began to walk away.

“Bye, dad.”

“Goodbye, I’ll come back before too long. I promise.”

Tristan watched him fade away into the shadows. That was interesting.

Once back at the house he kicked his shoes off and greeted his mother. She was a small, yet pretty, light haired women who seemed to have an ancient smile.

“I met dad tonight,” he said nervously as he handed her the pouch. She took it with a slightly opened mouth, and then looked up in confusion.

“Is he not coming?”

“Uh, no. He said he just had to go.”

She nodded, while looking back down at the item. She finally looked up with a forced smile, which didn’t do much to hide the tears in her eyes.

“Goodnight Tristan,” she said before walking away and into her room.


He stood there for a moment. The wind had began to blow, whistling past the window and down the street. He finally made his way into his own room, shut the door, and emotionally threw his duffle bag against the wall. Opening his desk drawer, he rummaged through it, and then pulled out an old picture. It was his family, years ago when they were all together. Before things went bad. Everyone looked happy, well, wait. He looked at his dads eyes. Something was still in them, even back then! Frantically, he began to look for every picture that contained his dad, and every picture reviled the same thing. Something was deep about those eyes, something that he couldn’t explain. Finally, after looking over the same stack of photos over and over again, he left his work and went to wash up. Walking into the bathroom he turned on the sink, running his hands through the slowly warming water. He looked into the mirror and suddenly staggered backwards into the wall. It was there too, in his own eyes. A passion, or more than that. A duty? No, a call. He couldn’t make it out. Something was there, something deep, something cold, something. He looked across the room and out the window, and then back into the mirror. Whatever it was, he had it as well, and it almost disturbed him.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24
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2 months ago
Nice 1.

Not sure what will happen next. Chris and Hope will be captured?
Tristan's dad will go missing as well? The town will be attacked?

Robert and Tristan will have to fight to save their world as they know it?!?
2 months ago
@Snap, You may have something going for ya there... sorta...
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