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01.9 - Dive for Safety
Published 2 months ago
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01.9 - Dive for Safety

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here:https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“How are you so fast?” Lax_Swag5 asked. They had walked non-stop for the last few hours and Lax_Swag5’s legs felt like they would fall off any moment.
“Probably Anon’s doing. Or the system’s,” SlimBrick1 said.
“Can we take a break?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“You know that we have to catch up to a probably fast moving vehicle that Anon is riding?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“I know, but—,” Lax_Swag5 began.
“There!” SlimBrick1 shouted, and pointed into a seemingly random direction.
“What? Where?” Lax_Swag5 asked, surprised by SlimBrick1’s sudden reaction.
“Do you see him?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“Who?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“That person! There in the distance,” SlimBrick1 said.
“Oh,” Lax_Swag5 exclaimed after he spotted the figure. They started walking towards it, hoping it would be a user or shadow that could be trusted.

The IDS bot had almost reached him. The bunker was in sight, but The_An0nym knew that the chances were low that he’d make it. The hoverbike was already over exerting itself. The engine was getting too hot. Soon it’d damage the internal wires and the hoverbike would explode. If the IDS bot didn’t catch up first. The engine started to give off weird sounds.
“Flip,” The_An0nym grumbled, and made himself ready to jump out of the hoverbike. The IDS bot had caught up and made a leap for the vehicle. The_An0nym jumped, his two guns in his hands. The hoverbike caught fire. The IDS bot landed on the hoverbike. The hoverbike exploded, and The_An0nym was knocked forward by the blast. Years of training had increased his flexibility and balance, but he hadn’t expanded his focus on them, which made his landing rough. He hit the floor almost with his legs first, but hadn’t rotated right and landed in a roll. In the process he twisted his ankle, resulting in pain. He ignored it and ran the last few steps towards his bunker. The trap door was already open.
A soft whistle was his only warning. The_An0nym fell on his back and slipped a short distance. The remains of his hoverbike flew over him. The_An0nym wrapped himself up after it had passed and made a deadrun for his bunker. He pressed a tiny button that activated the trap door so that it would close. He heard the light steps of the IDS bot. The_An0nym dove for the trap door. In the nick of time he got in. The trap door closed and The_An0nym landed head first on the floor. Pain surged up and overtook his body. With much effort The_An0nym pulled himself away from the trap door and activated full lockdown mode. He hoped that General_Veers and LEGOminis were okay.

Laughter filled the small space. After trying to figure out a way to escape for the past six hours, General_Veers and LEGOminis had decided to worry about that later and overcome their boredom. It started with storytelling, but then ended up in jokes.
“Good one,” General_Veers said.
“I know right?” LEGOminis said. The jokes had lifted the heavy atmosphere, making their heads clearer.
“So… What do you think Anon is up to?” LEGOminis asked.
“Nothing much… He’s probably chilling in his bunker,” General_Veers said,
“Yeah… Probably,” LEGOminis agreed.
“What do you think they’ll do with us?” General_Veers asked.
“No idea… Probably do experiments on us,” LEGOminis replied.
“You watch way too many movies,” General_Veers said.
“True,” LEGOminis agreed.

“I think I see him!” BrickAssassain7 exclaimed.
“Where?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“There,” BrickAssassain7 said, and pointed into the distance. WizardBuilds1 could quickly make out the figure.
“Do you think that that Brickster is?” Happy097 asked.
“Maybe,” BrickAssassain7 said. They started walking towards him. Cakery was a distance behind them so that he wouldn’t cause such strong vibrations near them.
“Shouldn’t we find the data crystals first?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“He can lead us to data crystals,” BrickAssassain7 assured.

A giant orange wall appeared in the distance.
“What the flip is that?” XillComics asked.
“No idea,” SuperPup1 replied. They had taken multiple rests and XillComics was able to match SuperPup1’s speed.
“Do you think it’s dangerous?” XillComics asked.
“Probably. Let’s hurry,” SuperPup1 said, and changed his walking into a light jog.
“Uh… I see someone,” XillComics said. He pointed ahead of them. A figure was running as if chased by death itself.
“Let’s go see who it is!” SuperPup1 suggested. He changed his direction and headed for the figure.
“Who do you think it is?” XillComics asked.
“No idea,” SuperPup1 replied.

[End of 01.9]
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2 months ago
Why am I the one getting tired? We all know I would last longer than Slim
2 months ago
LaxsCCStudios -
It's because he was 'animated' by Anon to be faster, stronger, more flexible, better at fighting & acrobatics.
2 months ago
great chapter, as always! although, it's a bit confoozing. I hope they meet together soon, so I can stop having to keep track of 5 stories at once
2 months ago
Oh my goodness! Seriously, this is too fast of a cooldown schedule. Chapter is great, though a bit confusing like what justy said.
2 months ago
Justy - Thanks!! &
I did that on purpose so that more characters could be important at once. It is hard to aim the spotlight at everyone when they are in a big group

Cakery - Thanks!! & I know
2 months ago
An amazing chapter as always
, I am getting out of ideas of how to tell this story is amazing
2 months ago
Jono_Guard - You could make a model about it! (JK,JK,JK,JK,JK,JK there is no need for that
) & Thanks!!
2 months ago

I will think about it :smirkingface:
2 months ago
Just started reading it... I have to go so I’ll finish a little bit later...
2 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - No problem!
2 months ago
Just kidding and I’ll be glad to see the whole thing.
Is the story officially titled “Project |0?”
2 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Thanks!! & Yep
2 months ago
Lax, I play basketball so I am probably just as good as in shap as you! Cool chapter Anon!!
2 months ago
Slim: I play football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, I swim and dive, and I play other sports.
2 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
2 months ago
so good in every way
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