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Star Wars The Old Republic, Prologue, The Phantom Enemy
Published 1 month ago
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Star Wars the Old Republic

Prologue, The Phantom Evil

Rit Dune stood alone amongst a sea of dead Jedi. His lightsaber lit the night with an eerie blue glow. A wispy breeze ruffled his sweat-soaked hair. Here he was, the last Jedi Knight, standing alone against the horde of sith before him. Their savage red lightsabers countered with the light from his blue, turning the scene to deep purple.
They came, running with fierce anticipation to finish the last of the Jedi army. They were so close, here on this battlefield, here was their opportunity to finish off the Jedi; taking total domination of the galaxy. But Rit wasn’t about to let that happen.
He readied himself for them, for the awful fight he knew was coming. Closing his eyes, he felt them draw nearer and nearer through the Force. Just before they reached him, his eyes snapped open and he readied his lightsaber, drawing it into the standard guard position.
The Sith army broke upon him like water upon a rock. Rit’s lightsaber was a flurry of blue light as he cut and slashed. What a fight! The greatest sword-master of the Jedi against the massive Sith army. Sith warriors fell all around him, cut down by his merciless blade. His defence was like a wall of solid stone, no sith weapon could penetrate his guard.
He destroyed them left and right. Determined not to let even one sith stand, he fought on while his arms trembled with fatigue. At last he was left facing the last Sith. He was tall, with tousled brown hair, and the customary yellow and red eyes of the sith.
“You think you’ve won,” he said, his voice strong, but filled with menace. “You may have defeated us now, but soon, soon the revenge of the sith will be complete, and we will rule the galaxy as we were meant to from the beginning.”
He attacked, lightsaber spinning in a bewildering whirl of light that even Rit found it difficult to deflect. He stumbled backward and fell. The Sith loomed over him, the red saber moving closer to his face.
“It has begun.” The red lightsaber began its decent to end Rit’s life.

End of Prologue

Hey folks the first instalment of Star Wars the Old Republic is here! Just in case you were wondering, this story takes place in 41 BBY.
I'd really appreciate reviews and criticism so feel free to leave your opinion of this chapter in the comments!

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1 month ago
Awesome! that was quick! i haventgot into mine yet... I probably ought to give up! Sci-fi isnt really my thing any more. Fantasy is a lot easier to write... when you can be bothered!
1 month ago
It is really good! cant wait for Chapter 1...
1 month ago
I hope you don’t mind me saying but I’m glad you decided to pause your other story in favor of this one, it’s totally AWESOME!

P.S. Cool render! Will you do renders for ever chapter?
1 month ago
@lich_brick, thanks! I agree, fantasy is a lot easier to write.
@zIZPRO, thanks!
@HAMMERBORNE, thank you! And I might do renders of every chapter if they don't get taken down.
1 month ago
Great story! The writing is just fabulous, just one spelling error it's descent not decent. Also that render looks great!
1 month ago
The only thing that I think is wrong, besides the spelling error, is that it feels slightly like a chapter rather than a prologue. Prologues are usually describing things that have already happened - this is actually happening. Also, if Rit is going to be a main character, most of the time they are not in prologues. They usually feature the villains laying down an assault or planning sonething.
1 month ago
NICE!but how i pictured it as something with more bodies and the battlefeild looking like mustafar more and a bit more dead jedi bodies.other than that can't wait!
1 month ago
Thanks everyone!
@lich_bricks, There's no set way to do a prologue, this was isn't wrong, just different.
@Gav_Geisttron, Yeah I probably could have done a better scene, but I was in a hurry to get this done.
@Lego_Wilderness, Thanks!
1 month ago
Amazing! That was amazing Writing, and I loved the use of the different powerful Words.

(Takes notes
1 month ago
Cool! I'm not a big Star Wars guy, I mostly just like all the space ships and laser battles, but I will be looking forward to reading the rest of you idea
1 month ago
That was awesome! Your writing is really good, I cant wait to read the next chapter
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