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Yoda & Groot: Chapter 3
Published 1 year ago
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Yoda and Groot passed through the portal. Groot remembered this place from one of the times the guardians of the galaxy fought against Thanos. As they got in, they saw two figures, one was Thanos, the second one was Gideon. They listened to the conversation.

Gideon: So this is supposed to be the six stones that control the universe?
Thanos: Yes! and they called the infinity stone!
Gideon: Ok.

Behind them, Groot had a plan.

Groot: I am Groot:

Baby Yoda nodded and took the stones from Thanos' gauntlet while Thanos and Gideon's conversation continued.

Thanos: You see!? Six stones! Space, time, power, mind, soul, and reality!
Gideon: Well, I do not see...
Thanos: Huh? Someone stole my stones! Carol! I will kill and destroy you!
Gideon: There is no one on this planet, only me and you.
Thanos: So it was you!
Gideon: No, I do not even know how these things work!
Thanos: Oh, it is very simple, you snap your finger, and half of the living being in the universe dies.
Gideon: Can you do something else with it? Like killing only the ones who try to stop you.
Thanos: Well, I never tried...

In the meantime, Groot and Baby Yoda used the stones to bring their friends, Star-Lord, Gamora, the Mandalorian, and Toorg.

Thanos: Gamora!
Gamora: Dad! Why did you teleport me?
Thanos: I did not,
Groot: I am Groot!
Star-Lord: Groot! I am so glad to see you with the she-Groot and the big ears alien!
Toorg: The name is Toorg.
The Mandalorian: What is going on?
Thanos: Return me the stones.
Gideon: What he said!

Groot and Baby Yoda got the stones together and blasted them at Thanos and Gideon.

Groot: I am Groot!!!!!

Then as the whole world turned to dust, it was reborn, and everything was back to normal, as Baby Yoda and Groot continued their own adventures.
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6 months ago
i love baby yoda he is so cute
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