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TCM's Motorbike: The Unit Cycle
Published 5 months ago
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Yup, he has a motorbike now. You can start fearing for your lives immediately

After seeing Phantom_E's offer to make custom motorcycles for people (and borrowing a teensy, TEENSY bit from Bishop1859's wheel bike) I got inspiration, and before you know it I accidentally created something that might be even more deadly than the Calcmobile itself (This thing is meant to be faster). This...is the Unit Cycle, named after the Unit Circle, which is an essential part of trig (and something that I have memorized, degrees and radians both). Okay, yes, it's obviously has circular tires, but the real reason why it's named after that is if you look closely at the internals, you can see they actually form the shape of an angle, just like you would on the unit circle! This also allows for the major distinct feature both the front part and back part to go around the base: Rotate the cockpit part about 60 degrees clockwise to shoot down planes or go 30 or 45degrees counterclockwise to strafe enemies on the ground, For the back, well, its an engine, but rotating the back part by -45 degrees can easily help to get the bike out of a ditch or whatnot. And if you really feel like a daredevil, do a full 180 degrees with both sides to almost instantateously go backwards (Only TCM can do this without puking from being upside down. (Let me know in the comments if you want me to show this with a seperate model if its a bit confusing). And if that's not enough, it has four, I repeat 4 laser cannons and 2 missiles. The only weakness is...well...T-bone it. Fortunately the cops pictured here haven't figured that out yet.

P.S. Last minute, I also developed a new trick to really sell diorama models: SPEED LINES!! For really high speed chases winking face
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5 months ago
AMAZING scene yet again!
So, your a mathematical, Batman, general Grievous kinda guy!
5 months ago
Thanks for crediting meh!
(okay, first, you mock my bike, then, you destroy it, and now, your copying it?!)
(Jk XD)
5 months ago
@MOCMaster Thanks, and yeah, technically. Except he doesnt have four arms XD


5 months ago
Freaking awesome, as usual! I honestly didn't think that the speed lines could look too accurate, but I was wrong! Great job with the speed lines, and I love how (as usual) you were able to so professionally catch this one action scene. I love the explosion too. XD
5 months ago
After seeing Phantom_E's EVILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
5 months ago
@rubrickscube Thanks as always

@Phantom_E I didn't plan on putting it here at first, which is why it's out of order. I mostly made them for myself to help with visualization
5 months ago
You are welcome. Thank you for once again teaching me another great building technique. (Well, this time not exactly teaching, but showing that it actually looks good).
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