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guess the minifig. part 4
Published 2 months ago
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so i'm doing one to! thanks to @AmyOak, and @WizardBuild1, for letting me do this!

1# "ughhh"
2# "it's for the kids"
3# "translator mustache"
4# "Ba-Banana!"
5# "mamma mia"
6# "marshmallow"
7# "I AM I-" (i can't tell you the name)
8# "chicken nuggie" (people on LL well get this one)
9# "gotta go fast"
10# "the hero of the wild"
11# "could i be the green ninja?"
12# "Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself"
13# "----- amazing adventures" (----- is the persons name)
16# ''what's with the pose?"
17# 'i'm doing this in heels"
18# "everything is edible in this room, including me, but that is called cannibalism and is frowned upon in most countries" (need i say more?)

and let the guessing begin!
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2 months ago
1 is a zombie

2 is bob the tomato

5 is mario

7 is iron man

the rest is idk
2 months ago
I’ll give it a go!

1. Minecraft Zombie

2. Bob the Tomato


4. Minion

5. Mario

6. Marshmello

7. Iron Man

8. Grogu

9. Sonic

10. Link

11. Kai

12. Hermione Granger (Even though that’s technically Dumbledore line, as he said that at the end of the first book)

13. I don’t know, actually

14. Cruella Devil

15. Willy Wonka
2 months ago
1: MC Zombie
2: veggie tales tomato
3: Meep
4: ernie
5: Mario Jumpman Mario
6: stay puff marshmallow man or speed racer?
7:iron man
9:sonic the hedgehog
14:Black widow
15: Wednesday Addams
16: willy wonka
2 months ago
I had forgotten one, lol. It’s Black Widow.
2 months ago
i'm cringing on some of these guesses
2 months ago
okay amyoak got... 13 out of 16! Person_Man089 got 14 out of 16 and legomaster6383 got 3 out of 16.
2 months ago
you didn't saw what number one was from.
2 months ago
What the in the name of Ninjago is number 13❓
And also who is "Meep"❓
2 months ago
1. Zombie from Minecraft
2. ???
3. ???
4. Minion
5. Mario
6. ???
7. Iron Man
8. Grogu
9. Sonic
10. Link
11. Kai
12. Hermione Granger
13. General mayhem?
14. Black widow
15. Cruella Devil
16. Willy Wonka
2 months ago
Ninja dude, meep is a cute alien from phineas and ferb
2 months ago
Nobody has gotten #13... Is it Poppy?
2 months ago
I was thinking poppy too but poppy has punk hair not purple, its not in that hair style and she doesnt have a wand
2 months ago
maybe the fairy from Sesame Street?
2 months ago
1: Minecraft Zombie

2: Bob the Tomato

3: No clue...

4: Minion

5: Mario

6: Marshmello

7: Iron Man

8: Grogu/The Child/Baby Yoda

9: Sonic

10: Link

11: Kai

12: Hermione Granger

13: Abby Cadabby?

14: Black Widow

15: Cruella Devil

16: Willy Wonka
2 months ago
Ninja: Do you mean season 13? If so, its called Master of the Mountain
2 months ago
1# Some Minecraft Guy
2# Bob The Tomato
3# IHNC*
4# A Minion
5# Mario
6# Baymax?
7# Iron Man
8# Some Star Wars Guy
9# IHNC*
10# IHNC*
11# Kai
12# IHNC*
13# IHNC*
16# IHNC*
17# IHNC*

* Indicates an answer to which I Have No Clue. I don’t watch a lot of “popular” movies or play a lot of “popular” games, so I’m none too good at these!
2 months ago
BBB No, I meant the 13th minifig on this model.
Season 13 is my fav season❗
Why do you think my Pfp is Cole from season 13❓:>
2 months ago
1. Zombie
2. Bob the Tomato
3. MEAP!!!
4. Minion
5. Mario
6. Baymax
7. Iron Man
8. The Child
9. Sonic
12. Hermione Granger (Your Local Ranger
13. (I’m confused that this jumps from 13-16 all of a sudden…
16. Black Widow
18. Willy Wonka

How’d I do?
1 month ago
1 zombie
2 bob tomato
3 meep
4 minion
5 iron man
6 idk
7 iron man
8 grogu
9 sonic
10 link
11 kai
12 herimone something(i dont like harry potter)
idk the rest
1 month ago
okay instead of sawing the scores of everyone i will saw the most people got wrong,

#6: stay puff (from ghost busters)
#13 Abby Cadabby (from sesame street)

and if there was anyone else you couldn't guess you can ASK!
tomato from veggietales?
that one minion
italian fat plumber with poor fasion choice/mario
l: no clue
Magnesium/iron man
Yoda or baby yoda... hmmmmmm. I say baby yoda.
what's his face... the fast marvel guy. or zelda
I would say hermione, but she's never mentioned the green ninja...
Gabby from sesame street
Black Widow
no clue
1 month ago
I only recently joined LL, and now I get it. What’s your username? I’d like to friend you!
1 month ago
I’m FlamboyantMelon039, the guy dressed like a dapper gangster carrying a machine gun in a violin case.
1 month ago
I'm SweetClown030(or something like that) i used to be kindestHappyJellyfish but my account got wiped from LEGO life, so i can't comment at the time being, and my chat is "how would decorate this room with LEGO dots?" in the dots group.
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