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05.2 - A new Look
Published 3 months ago
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05.2 - A new Look

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Finally!” The_An0nym exclaimed as the portal changed color from blue to green. Daedalus had spent the last few minutes typing his password into the tiny data crystal whith his hooves. Now that the portal had opened into Daedalus’ account, they could change his look, which was probably the reason Daedalus had led him to this workshop portal. The_An0nym jumped into the portal on the floor. Daedalus stayed close to him.
“It still surprises me how spaceful this place is,” The_An0nym stated as he landed on the grid of the workshop. Daedalus neighed impatiently.
“So what do you want to change about yourself? Is your eye color bothering you?” The_An0nym asked. Daedalus snorted. Then concentrated. Legs, Torso, and head appeared, everything blank.
“You want me to make you human? That should be possible… Although it’ll take a while… Good thing I put YellowFlame37 in charge,” The_An0nym said. Daedalus neighed to get The_An0nym’s attention. Daedalus stood next to the figure, and two arrows were in between them. One pointing from the figure to Daedalus, and one pointing from Daedalus to the figure.
“Wait… You want to shapeshift?” The_An0nym asked, a small laugh escaping his lips. Daedalus tapped his hoof and snorted as an annoyed gesture.
“I know for sure that this is impossible… I’ve tried myself. It would be theoretically possible by inserting a data crystal into one’s body and using some sort of switch, changing your form from human to horse, I mean pegasus… but doing so is deadly… Unless you could compress or break off a small piece of the data crystal, which brings us back to square one; it’s impossible,” The_An0nym explained. Daedalus replied by opening his mouth, making a chunk of blue ore appear. The_An0nym looked at it with awe and a bit of greed as his eyes widened.
“Datacode-ore?! How did you get your hands on that? I mean… if you could break off a really small chunk of that it might just be possible for you to… shapeshift,” The_An0nym said. Daedalus neighed once again, more excited this time.
“Alright… Let’s get started; I’ll think of a way to apply this while you go make two new forms; pegasus and… lego-figure,” The_An0nym said and hunched over the small piece of datacode-ore.

“Wiz? Wiz! Wake up!” a voice exclaimed. WizardBuilds1 lazily opened his eyes.
“What is it?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“I think they’re onto us,” Galaxist replied.
“Oh, right… BlackBlade,” WizardBuilds1 sighed. Ever since BlackBlade had released WizardBuilds1 and explained to him the rules of his “game” he had been trying to escape the building. He was lucky to stumble upon Galaxist while fleeing; Although WizardBuilds1 was still wondering how he ended up here. Anyway; after running through a few hallways WizardBuilds1 hit his head, and that was the last thing he remembered. He still didn’t know what hit his head, but figured it wasn’t important.
“We need to go, now!” Galaxist instructed. WizardBuilds1 stood up and followed Galaxist through the endless hallways. His headache worsened with every step, and his vision blackened every now and then. Just how hard did I hit my head? WizardBuilds1 asked himself.


“What is BlackBlade’s location?” Mayotron9 asked.
“Who is BlackBlade?” an unfamiliar voice asked through his earpiece. For a moment Mayotron9 had a dreaded feeling, until he realized it was YellowFlame37’s voice.
“BlackBlade… The black-armored guy… Anon and I made a plan to catch him in a game,” Mayotron9 explained.
“Okay, whatever… Let me see… If I’m correct then he should be… Uhm… Just behind you,” YellowFlame37 said. Mayoton9 cursed his bad luck while he ran forward.
“Can you tell me which way to the nearest exit?” Mayotron9 asked.
“He’s too close for that; Turn right here,” YellowFlame37 said. Mayotron9 turned left.
“Hey! Wrong way!” YellowFlame37 exclaimed. Mayotron9 came to a stop.
“You said right, right?” he asked.
“Yes! But you went left!” YellowFlame37 replied.
“I did? Flip, let me go back,” Mayotron9 said, and turned around to correct his mistake.
“Wait…!” YellowFlame37 exclaimed, but it was too late. Mayotron9 was halfway through the hallway when BlackBlade’s hoverbike arrived. Mayotron9 looked into the blending headlight of the hoverbike; the last thing he saw before it rammed him. Mayotron9 flew into the air, his entire body hurting. His joints were forced into awkward positions, and didn’t want to turn back. His ears rang as if he had just heard a bomb explode. It felt like he had lost control of his body. It seemed like an endless time before he lost consciousness.

[End of 05.2]
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3 months ago
The story has been refocused to the most important part—ME!!! (JK)
2 months ago
I see, people are dying now. This will be fun.
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