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Ninjago: Into Orbit: Episode One: Out of This World
Published 3 months ago
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In the last season of Ninjago, the ninja introduced a new recruit, Viral Villager, to their team. After their powers were stolen from a new villain, Viral promises to help them regain their elements and defeat the mysterious foe, known as Emperor Yedemus. Viral becomes the ninjas’ final hope and he finally defeats Yedemus, as well as gaining his own elemental power. The ninja were revived and they soon returned to Ninjago City. Now that peace has been restored, the ninja can rest easy until their next adventure begins.

*Ninjago City: late at night*

Criminal #1: C’mon man! We gotta get outta here with the money!

Criminal #2: We’re running outta time! Just leave it!

Criminal #1: (Sigh) Help me pick up the bag and I’ll give you half of the cash inside it. Deal?

Criminal #2: Fine! Only ‘cause you’re too weak to lift it yourself!

*The two criminals pick up the bag of money and escape the bank.*

*Bank alarm blares*

Commissioner(audio): Ninja! This is the commissioner! There’s been a bank robbery over at —

Lloyd: Don’t worry, Commissioner! We’re already on the way!

Cole: Nothing makes my day more than stopping a criminal’s heist!

Kai: You said it, Cole!


Criminal #1: See? What I tell ya? We escaped with the money and we didn’t get caught! My plan was totally full proof!

Criminal #2: “Your plan?” This whole operation was my idea!

Criminal #1: No, I came up with this heist! You can’t take the credit for something I came up with!

Lloyd: It doesn’t matter who came up with the heist, because we’re here to stop it!

Both criminals: (Gasp) It’s the ninja!

Criminal #2: But who’s the new guy?

Viral: I’m Viral Villager! You know, the latest ninja on the team? I saved the ninja after defeating the villain that stole their powers!

Criminal #2: Yeah, I haven’t a clue who you are. Just let us get away with this and you’ll never hear from us again!

Jay: As if! You guys aren’t getting away with this!

Criminal #1: Well, in that case… let’s bounce!

Zane: Are we going to stop them, or —

Nya: They won’t get too far. Viral?

Viral: Yes?

Nya: Show them what you can do!

Viral: Got it!

*Viral chases after the criminals*

Criminal #1: Look out behind you!

*Viral leaps into the air*

Viral: Sorry to bother you two, but I’m gonna have to put the breaks on your plan, using my… shockwave!

*Viral lands and punches the ground, sending a shockwave at the criminals and knocking them down*

Lloyd: Uh, “shockwave?” That’s what you’re calling your elemental power?

Viral: Why not? It’s a wave that shocks the ground. Shockwave!

Jay: It sounds like you’re trying to rip-off my power, but this isn’t about me, so I’ll just zip it.

*The Commissioner arrives in his cop car*

Commissioner: Well done, ninja! I knew you’d easily handle this situation.

Cole: What can we say? We were basically born for this job!

Commissioner: I’ll take it from here. These thugs will get what’s coming to them.

Both criminals: (Gulp)

Commissioner: Oh, and before I forget, due to all of your hard work, I’m holding an award ceremony tomorrow in your honor at 4:30. Here’s the invitations.

*The Commissioner hands over the invitations*

Lloyd: Thanks, Commissioner. We’ll be there.

Commissioner: I’ll have to return the stolen money to the bank afterwards. Have a good night, ninja.

*The Commissioner puts handcuffs on the criminals and pushes them into the back seats of his cop car. Then, they drive away.*

Criminal #1: Why didn’t we just leave the money? We wouldn’t have gotten caught that way!

Criminal #2: Oh, now you wanna think like me! I told you we wouldn’t have gotten away with it, but you never listen to me!

Commissioner: You both have the — (yawns loudly) — right to remain silent! I could really use a coffee right about now.

*Later that night: at the monastery*

Lloyd: (Yawn) That sure was fun, but I’m ready to catch some z’s! We’ll tell Master Wu the good news in the morning. Okay?

All of the ninja, except Lloyd: Got it!

Viral: Good night guys! It’s a good thing that P.I.X.A.L built this bed for me! The couch really started to hurt my back!

*The next day: early in the morning*

Lloyd: Rise and shine, guys! Time to tell Master Wu where we’ll be heading to today!

Jay: Master Wu! Master Wu! Master Wuuuuu!

Master Wu: Yes, Jay? What is it?

Cole: We’ve got great news! Tell him, Lloyd!

Lloyd: Alright, just let me read the invitation: “Hello, ninja. This invitation has been brought to you by your faithful Commissioner. Due to your outstanding performances with protecting our beloved city, I invite you all to the Annual Ninjago Award Ceremony! I hope you accept and make sure to arrive on time at 4:30 at the date listed below. Signed by: the Commissioner.”

Master Wu: An award ceremony?

Kai: Yeah! In our honor! How crazy is that!

Master Wu: It’s great! It’s just… um…

Lloyd: Don’t tell me that you’d rather stay behind! It’s an honor!

Master Wu: I understand that, but… alright, if it’s such an honor, then there’s no reason for me to miss out.

All of the ninja: Yes!

Master Wu: But before we leave, put in 30 minutes of your time to train! Another late night heist could be in the making!

Lloyd: Of course, Master. Let’s train!

Jay: I guess this means no video games! (Sigh) And I thought this was going to be a special day!


Lloyd: Okay, we’re done training, Master Wu! It’s almost time for us to attend the ceremony!

Master Wu: Alright then. To the bounty!

Viral: Yes! I love the bounty!

*The ninja hop onto the Destiny’s Bounty and are on their way to the award ceremony*

*Later: at the ceremony*

Commissioner: Ninja! Glad you could make it!

Lloyd: We wouldn’t miss this for the world! So, what did we win?

Commissioner: I’ll get to that part right now. Ahem! Hello everyone! Thank you for attending the Annual Ninjago Award Ceremony! Pretty recently, members of the Ninjago Space Program have discovered a new planet in outer space. Today, the ninja will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to this new planet, called Galamorphia!

All of the ninja: Galamorphia?!

Master Wu: Galamor — (gasp). Oh no!

Commissioner: And here with me is Cyrus Borg, the leading member of the program!


Cyrus Borg: Yes, thank you, thank you! I, Cyrus Borg, the man who brought to you the Borg Watch, am here to say that we will make sure that you ninja will successfully land on this planet in one piece! But think of it as a one week vacation!

Jay: We’ll get to be there for a whole week! Awesome! I would’ve brought snacks if I knew we’d be there for that long!

Zane: I will use my time there to take notes of my observations.

Cole: Of course you will, Zane.

Lloyd: If there are any extra-terrestrial beings on Galamorphia, we’ll show them what ninja are capable of!

Master Wu (whispering): Ninja! Come this way!

Lloyd: Uh, okay.

Nya: Is something wrong, Master Wu?

Master Wu: I remember my father telling me and Garmadon the legend of a far away planet called Galamorphia. He told me that the planet was named that because in the Galamorphian language, it means “World of Fear and Destruction.” And if my father was correct, then the planet you’re going to is highly dangerous and I advise that you don’t go there.

Lloyd: Oh, come on, Master! Sure, you were told about the planet Galamorph a long time ago, but don’t worry! We’re ninja! If something goes wrong, we’ll know how to handle ourselves!

Master Wu: If you say so, Lloyd. That is why I’d rather stay behind and watch over the city.

Kai: You’re not going with us?

Master Wu: It would be for the best. Besides, I’ll be able to give P.I.X.A.L a call if anything serious occurs, so I won’t be alone.

Lloyd: Okay, Master Wu. We accept your decision.

Master Wu: Just be careful up there. No one knows what may or may not inhabit that planet.

Zane: We will be as cautious as can be. You have our word.

Master Wu: I guess this is goodbye for now. I’ll see you when you return.

Lloyd: See you later, Master.

*The ninja walk onto the stage and meet up with Cyrus Borg, who’s standing in front of a huge object with a cover over it*

Jay: So, what’s under the cover?

Cyrus Borg: Ninja, I present to you, the Space Bounty!

*Cyrus pulls the cover off of the Space Bounty*

Viral: Space Bounty?!

Nya: She looks amazing!

Cyrus Borg: Now, here are your Astro Suits! I created them myself! They have communicators in their pockets, in case you get separated on Galamorphia.

Cole: These suits are sweet!

Jay: At least they’re not all in the same color this time!

Viral: “This time?”

Lloyd: Oh, I almost forgot! We’ve traveled to space before, during our mission to stop the Nindroids from gaining possession of the Four Weapons of Spinjitzu!

Viral: Really? Then I guess this adventure won’t be all that special to you guys.

Cole: It will be special! But what matters the most is that you’ll be entering outer space for the very first time, Viral!

Viral: I just hope I’ll be able to make use of my new shockwave powers while we’re there.

Cyrus Borg: Now, stand behind the curtain one at a time and try on your new suits!

*The ninja put on their Astro Suits*

Jay: Hey! This suit’s super snug!

Cyrus Borg: Pressing this button, with the battery displayed on it, with instantly form your space helmets over your face! Just don’t forget to put them on before stepping out of the shuttle, okay?

Lloyd: Got it! What else do we need to know?

Cyrus Borg: In case you actually run into extra-terrestrial beings during your trip, here are your space blasters, also created by me!

Kai: Nice! I’ll be bummed if we don’t get to use these on Galamorphia!

Cyrus Borg: It seems you’re all set! Wave goodbye to the crowd before you go!

Jay (talking on the phone): Mom! It’s me, Jay! I’m going to space and I’ll be gone for a few days! Tell Dad I’ll miss him! I love you! (Sigh) I hate saying goodbye!

Nya: At least you’ll have me with you, Jay!

Jay: Thanks for reminding me, Nya! That really puts my mind at ease.

*The ninja wave to the crowd as they board the Space Bounty. They buckle their seat belts, close the doors, and the Space Bounty takes off.*

Crowd: (Cheering)

Master Wu: Be careful, ninja. Please be careful.

Lloyd: You guys ready?

Cole: You bet!

Jay: Aw, yeah! This adventure’s gonna be out of this world! Pun intended.
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