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JASAF Lancette class Stealth Ship
Published 10 months ago
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The Lancette was an experimental ship developed on the basis od the 'Martel' class of destroyers. The ship's surface had millions of small cameras and screens, which would, when turned on, allow the ship to change it's colour, visual appearance, or even allow it to become invisible - both to radars and to the naked eye. Due to this feature, the ship was used extensively in stealth operations and hit-n-run tactics. It also had a myriad of experimental arnament - 4 heavy ion cannons (which could also be adjusted to fire turbolaser bolts, which could further be altered to be tranparent, allowing the ship to hit targets and avoid being spotted if stealth is activated), 10 point defense laser cannons with advanced targeting systems, and 24 missle tubes, which could carry and fire either concussion missles of proton torpedoes. Only one of these ships was ever seen in action, but there are rumors that many more are in active service, either doing stealth recconscance, or plotting an ambush somewhere.
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10 months ago
I like this kind of creation!!! Take a look at my Instagram account (@kl3w_lego)!!
21 models | 569 views
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