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6x6 All Terrain Tow Truck 42070 mods
Published 2 years ago
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This isn't the exact set but it is a Mod of it. This will be the modded version of mine. Some missing pieces. Is also an animation.

Missing Pieces:

• 11954 - Technic, Panel Curved 11 x 3 with 10 Pin Holes through Panel Surface
• 23798 - Tire 107 x 44R Tractor
• x77cc150 - String, Cord Medium Thickness 150cm
• 32012 - Technic Reel 3 x 2
• 6573 - Technic, Gear Differential, 24-16 Teeth
• 61904 - Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Block 4 x 3 x 2 1/2 (Linear Actuator Holder)
• 58121c01 - Electric, Motor 9V Power Functions XL with Dark Bluish Gray Bottom
• 58122c01 - Electric, Power Functions 9V Remote Control Unit with Dark Bluish Gray Bottom
• 58123c01 - Electric, Power Functions Receiver Unit with Dark Bluish Gray Bottom, Complete Assembly
• 61927c01 - Technic Linear Actuator with Dark Bluish Gray Ends
• 92908 - Technic, Steering Portal Axle, Housing
• 15038 - Wheel 56mm D. x 34mm Technic Racing Medium, 6 Pin Holes

Some missing pieces are replaced with things

- Changed the central differential from the Technic, Gear Differential, 24-16 Teeth to the gear 12 teeth
- 2 pairs of lights

*Camera Views*:

- None moving
Camera 1.001 - X = 1010.573 Y = 902.271 Z = 867.984
Camera 2.001 - X = -600.475 Y = 346.722 Z = -14.426

- Moving
Moving Camera 1.001 - Moves from where Camera 1.001 is
Moving Camera 2.001 - Moves from far corner
Moving Camera 3.001 - Moves from back of crane arm
Moving Camera 4.001 - Right above winch
Moving Camera 5.001 - Where moving camera 3 is
Moving Camera 6.001 - Inside Cabin

*Can only see camera views from workshop. To see the animation from these camera views go to
https://www.mecabricks.com/en/workshop/VyvnqWGojl3 .

[b]Actual Set
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1933 pieces
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