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MB Election #4
Published 12 months ago
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Okay! There aren't minifigs because I never know when my computer's going to crash these days.

Canddidate #1: Lax_Swag5

Hello! I am Lax_Swag5, but I think most of you know me as Lax. I was new here, as was every single more experienced user on Mecabricks. From what I have seen, I think we can all agree that most users feel lonely when they first start here. I do not want that to happen to anyone on Mecabricks. We need to make Mecabricks a place without fighting or arguing. A place where we can come together to express our ideas, values, beliefs, and thoughts without the worry of criticism. It should and could be a place that all users can gather to have a friendly debate over a nonsensical thing like, "How many birds you can kill with one stone," knowing that everyone else will just join along without turning it into an argument, We can put our differences aside and come together as one team, one community, and one family. I want Mecabricks to be a friendly place where we can come together and have fun. I understand that this is not the reality right now, but we can change that reality. We can turn Mecabricks into a more friendly place. But there is only one way we can do that, and that is together. Some ways we can make Mecabricks more friendly are we could welcome new members, lend a helping hand, teaching techniques we have learned, talking with someone, making them feel like someone cares about them. I want to work with the newer and less experienced users so they feel more welcome! Another problem here on Mecabricks is rude comments. If you are not going to comment something nice, just do not comment at all. The last thing we need is a ton of people feeling sad because someone said something rude on one of their models. We are all human, and we should treat each other that way! And as Walt Disney once said, “The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing,”

Vote #LaxForPrez if you would like to vote for me!
VP: Cakery

Candidate #2: JUSTY


A word we come by on a daily basis.
Love, when you're given a hug.
Love, when you're given a gift.
Love, when you go on a long walk with someone you love.
Love, when you make a mess and someone else cleans it up,
Love, when someone simply gives you a compliment.
These are all embodiments of love. And in this time, it's easy to feel like you don't aren't loved, but you are loved, you are valued, and you are going to get through this. There is always someone who loves you, be it a sibling, a parent, a guardian, a wife, a husband, a girlfriend, or a boyfriend. You will always be loved.
I don't want to become president, I want you to become president. I want you to spread the message, I want you to love. I want you to do all these things because I love you.

You are loved. And so am I. And so is everyone.
I love every one of you, and my deepest desire is for you to love too.

#JUSTYforprez to vote for justy.
Uhhh, wait, who's your VP again?
Candidate #3: Slimbrick

*clears throat* look everybody, I'm not great at doing speeches, but I promise, I want to make Mecabricks a more Godly place for anyone who wants to use it. I'm really tired of the cussing, insulting and making fun of, on Mecabricks, and I want to become president so I can change that. I may not be one of the most educated users on this site, but I know that I want to help anyone in anyway I can. If anyone needs help, I would like to help them. Whether it be problems with the workshop, somebody bullying them or needing help making models or minifigs. I also want to make Mecabricks a better place for everybody. Philippians 4:8 says, Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. I have seen some pretty bad things in the 2 and a half months I have been on Mecabricks, and I want to change that. Thank you everybody who has worked to stop this, but we can go even further. Thank you.

VP: Redflame 49, I think?
Candidate #4: Green, wait, LW? I'm confused.

Steps on stage, looks sheepishly at the few people in the crowd, and shrugs.

Ok, guys, can we like stick some holograms in the crowd? I’m really disappointed at the turn out. Yeah, I know, those are expensive. Well whatever, hopefully more are watching on live stream.
Anyways, welcome to the first presidential election of 2021! As part of my speech, I want to look over my past time on Mecabricks, specifically on our first election. Who here knew that a comment about killing two birds with one stone would turn into this? Really, [I]we took it a little far, but here we are[/I]. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it… Oh well, back to our first presidency. If you were around, or if you remember, I, well, sorta won . Really, to be honest, that was kinda big. I hadn’t, and still have not yet, been on here for a year. Y’all really supported and accepted me into your group, and I really appreciate that. There are a lot of fun people on here. Really, at the end of the day, I think that’s why we do these elections, to enjoy our time together. If you think about it, is there difference between the president and the ‘common’ user? If there is a problem we usually face it together, we usually are helping newer users together, no matter what the ordeal, we still all care about each other and the site. Yeah, more people may go to the president directly, but in general, we’re a team. Yes, we have our disagreements, personalities, likes and dislikes, but what team doesn’t? Often times, it’s the differences that make the team stronger. However, this only takes place when we respond rightly towards our differences. As I’ve said before, this is a great group, but it has a lot of potential to fall. To be honest, I feel like we are taking some things too far. It seams like people are looking for controversy to settle. Guys, that’s not why we’re here. We are here to me creative, bring our imaginations to life, and then let the world see what this imagination can create. Imagination is a beautiful thing, and I believe with all my heart that God created it in us to bring Him glory. If our focus is too stomp on rude users, debate, or oppose other’s views, that’s not really helping this purpose. I know, there is time for debate, and there is time to make things right. However, I don’t want this to be our focus. Let’s put our energy into helping others express their creativity more vividly, while learning how to do so ourselves. As a president, or as a ‘citizen’, there are a few things I want to accomplish. One: I want to be more active in viewing users posts and models. I’m not very good at this . There are probably lots of users who post random stuff, and never really get into a deep building community, along side many other more established users who I want to keep supporting. Two: I want to be more creatively focus. I’ve gotten involved in my fair share of uprisings and debates, and though I don’t think debating should be banned from Mecabricks, I really find that the group does best when avoiding controversial topics (no matter how passionate you are on that subject). I’m not saying I’m going to forbid debate, because I don’t think it’s wrong, nor will I really have the power to do so, but I am going to encourage a different focus. Three: I’ve noticed there are users who just seam like they are out to make trouble. I don’t want them kicked off , I want to help change these people. In real life, the best way to deal with rude people is to genuinely throw kindness back at them. I want to bring these users in, and hopefully help change them for the better. Four: *green lights switch on*, *fog billows*, *booming sound effect plays*. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you, the first members of The Emerald Sparks! On our front left, we have InnerBookWorm! Front right, we have InnerWritingWorm! Back left is the one, and only, Random dude! And last and least we have InnerChristmasElf! Oh, and yeah. Backstage we have InnerCommitmentOfficer. He’s sorta one of us. Anyways, I thought I might use this new platform to introduce to you my little fake friends here. They are gonna be with me through it all (noticed I said with me, that doesn’t necessarily always mean for me.). Anyways, let me sum it up for ya.

I basically want to take my last speech, add this to it, and love everyone like Christ did, while enjoying our time together in the midst of all our practically infinite creativity. I will be doing this whether I’m president or not… however… I like being president, so I’m running . If you have any questions on anything I said, I felt like I was kinda all over the place, just ask


Oh yeah, that’s my hashtag. VP is NinjaCatz.

Candidate #5: Cakery

Hello, fellow Mecabrickians. I am ITS (Cakery), and I am proud to announce Lax_Swag5 as my vice president at side. I will, in a few moments, deliver my election speech.

Of reason, Mecabricks is a prosperously expanding community of members, recently surpassing 100K people on here. I may not be the newest member to run (obviously someone else is that), nor am I the wisest. However, I will work hard to keep the current condition of Mecabricks. It is unlike any other Lego CAD, with a sprawling collaboration (such as this election!) between people online, and it fills in that absent gap of staying indoors due to restrictions. We have designed our own personal figures to represent myself, and along with the customizable pieces, you can be anything you want! How awesome is that? And I will promise, as my duty, to keep that.

If you are still pondering on the reason of this "Mecabricks", it is because it is living! Life is meant to be lived through! As a fellow Christian, God has given every one of us a purpose in Life! Though many new people have stumbled on here, they have been helped by many peers, and I will support many more for the months to come.

A final concern about Mecabricks is the toxicity. Mecabricks has one of the lowest levels of toxicity here. That does not mean that it doesn't exist, however. Many times, there is a political debate that divides otherwise very close friends. Other times, there are people that are simply annoying to others. I will take a more tactful approach, since the priority of the President is to instill trust into each other, and that we are all friends of each other.

"...so love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil."

Goodbye, God bless, and good luck everyone,



Thanks to A7X and K7X for being a great president and VP, as far as I know, there were no attempts at Anarchy, (G-man2 scared JUSTY out of that apparently.), and happy voting!

HA no computer crashes.
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12 months ago

I guess fishy boy hates me
12 months ago
There was slight anarchy but it wasn’t much
12 months ago
Anyways, I'll have to think about my choice.

BTW Ian, what's the deadline for voting?
12 months ago
We got a lot really good speeches to choose from!
12 months ago
@SF09: I didn't make the decision. You got a problem, take it up with Kyle and A7.
@Batdog: Okay, that's good.
@Cakery: You have till the 12th, so one week.
@Snappy: Yeap.
@Forge: So there are!
12 months ago
Oh, I'm justy's vp.
12 months ago
Uhh, you can't be VP for 2 people.
12 months ago
I didn't choose. Sorry about that!
12 months ago
Hi, most of you don’t know me but if justy wins the election I vow to uphold the duties and obligations of the Vice President! (Whatever they may be...)
11 months ago
There are no duties
11 months ago
Ah ok, I thought that might be that case. I haven’t payed attention to the previous elections much.
11 months ago
Okay, this was tough. Everyone made really good speeches. *sigh*
11 months ago
Aight! I've counted the votes, the winner will hopefully post a model soon.
11 months ago
When do we have to make a speech?
11 months ago
The next election will be in April. There will be an announcement model earlier to tell you when you
need to make a speech.
8 months ago
that was the worlds longest desc I have ever seen -_-
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