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05.3 - Bacon Battle
Published 6 months ago
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05.3 - Bacon Battle

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Wakey wakey!” a voice instructed. BlackBlade. LoganLin didn’t want to open his eyes. After being tied to a rope connected to the hoverbike, he was smashed into every wall in the entire building with the force of a truck. A sudden kick to the stomach made LoganLin yelp in pain.
“There you go!” BlackBlade exclaimed happily.
“Crazy maniac,” LoganLin said quietly.
“What did you say? Speak up!” BlackBlade instructed.
“I said that you are a crazy maniac!” LoganLin repeated.
“Well that isn’t very nice!” BlackBlade said happily. Something in his voice gave LoganLin the chills.
“Don’t worry; I’m sure we’ll all have a very, very fun time after you join the system,” BlackBlade said. LoganLin suppressed his anger. Then he noticed something.
“Where is BlackFlame?” LoganLin asked.
“Who?” BlackBlade asked.
“Nevermind,” LoganLin said, smiling. At least one of us escaped, he thought.
“Hey, I just thought of a fun game to play!” BlackBlade said.
“What game?” LoganLin, but regretted asking immediately.
“Very easy; All you need to do is put on this vest and stay near me,” BlackBlade said, and took out a vest from his hoverbike.
“What if I don’t want to?” LoganLin asked.
“Then I’ll kill one of your friends,” BlackBlade exclaimed happily. LoganLin gulped down his fears and slipped into the vest.
“Great! Now let me tell you why this vest is so special! You see, I planted a bomb in there…” BlackBlade began, but paused to watch LoganLin’s face change from trying-to-stay-calm to devastated. Before he could begin to tear the vest off BlackBlade continued,
“...That will explode when you take it off, or if you distance yourself too much from me,”
“You crazy maniac!” LoganLin exclaimed. He had stopped trying to rip the vest off, and took a deep breath instead. When he finally thought clearly again he walked towards BlackBlade.
“What are you trying to do?” BlackBlade asked, then chuckled.
“Well… if I’m doomed anyways, why not take you with me?” LoganLin asked. He was just about to take off his vest, only a finger’s length from BlackBlade when BlackBlade chuckled in an amused manner.
“First off, my armor can withstand such an explosion. Second; Let’s play hide and seek!” BlackBlade said, and with that turned invisible. Before LoganLin could grab him he had vanished. it will explode if you distance yourself too much from me, echoed in LoganLin’s mind. A wave of panic washed away all his composure. BlackBlade could be walking away from him, meaning the vest could go off any moment, which meant LoganLin had to stay near him, but how could he do that if he didn’t even know which direction went? Or if he was even walking away? If he went the wrong direction he might even die faster. The safest option was to stay where he was. He fought his fear and began to calm down.
“Aww, come on! You shouldn’t stand still like that! How about this; if you continue to stand still for even another second, I’ll kill one of your friends,” BlackBlade said. LoganLin couldn’t bear it anymore. His entire body froze, his mind split, and he instantly knew that this wouldn’t end well for either him or his friends.
“Time’s up!” BlackBlade exclaimed. Everything happened at once. BlackBlade became visible midair, ready to stab Duckduckguz, who had just begun to stand up. A shot rang out and BlackBlade was thrown off, seemingly hit by the projectile. He landed with a roll next to Duckduckguz, turned, and lunged for him again. Another shot, which hit his helmet this time, knocked him to the side.
“Who dares interrupt my…?” BlackBlade began, but didn’t get any further before a booming voice ordered;
“Give. Me. BACON!!!”. BlackBlade looked in the direction of the voice. A figure on a red motorcycle seemed to be the cause of the noise.
“Ah! Project 3686, or was it 3683? Meh, who cares? Let’s have some fun!” BlackBlade exclaimed. The figure, whom LoganLin identified as LegoMaster 6383, stored away his gun and took out a grenade launcher instead.
“BACON!!” he shouted, and shot. BlackBlade disappeared again, and was probably on his way to Legomaster6383. LoganLin followed him, knowing his vest would go off if he distanced himself too much from him.
“No! I want more bacon!!” BlackBlade protested as he appeared again, and lunged for Legomaster6383.
“No! Give me more bacon!” Legomaster6383 replied and grabbed BlackBlade’s Blade with his bare hand, and swung him towards the floor. BlackBlade let go of his blade mid-flight and did a flip before landing on Legomaster6383’s back.
“Give me more bacon than him!!” BlackBlade protested while strangling Legomaster6383.
“I. Need. BACON!!” Legomaster6383 exclaimed. On his command a giant pile of freshly baked bacon appeared, burying them both alive. Deathly silence ruled once again.

[End of 05.3]
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6 months ago
Seb - Thanks!!
& Congrats!! XD
6 months ago
Three cheers for me 1....2....Uhmm what comes next? Oh yeh 5 whooo go me
6 months ago
seb -
XD It's obviously 7 and not 5
6 months ago
What the bacon?!?

I have no idea why that bacon just appeared for some reason—or why it’s even mentioned!

Also, Logan was preparing to trigger the bomb… 0-0 SUICIDE IN CHILDREN’S LIT!!!!! (JK)
6 months ago
me going to reboot next chapter

ok I had bacon
6 months ago
I'm a robot who can't be choked now get back here so I can finish you off blade
6 months ago
Nice! Also, I think the spirit of the lego pig which died should spend its afterlife knowing that it made the world a safer place.
6 months ago
Daedalus - You speak with deep conviction—and you are wise…
6 months ago

my goodness, this chapter is by far the best one!
the prophecy has come true... he got bacon!
6 months ago
Bacon is the perfect motivator (except vegetarians. . .)
6 months ago
But I look it your model
Who are nasty ?
6 months ago
Gold127 - Thanks!!
& This is part of my story, so the scene is shown where BlackBlade tries to stab Duckduckguz
6 months ago
I’m finally caught up now at least.
6 months ago
is no one gonna say anything about the bullet?
6 months ago
why would we?
stick stick stick stick stick. stick stick.

(stick stick sticks, stick stick sticks stick
6 months ago
*nods gravely* I agree. Hear, hear, all ye youth who read this:

6 months ago
*begins singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in the tongue of the Sticks*

STICK-stick, STICK-stick, STICK-stick. STICK. STICK.…
6 months ago
what in the world?
you just said "AXOLOTL... BLOB... ZOOPER!!"
then you said "BANANA-spoon, CHICKEN-laser, MY cheese, FLOWER. ARM...."
6 months ago
yea like what the stick,
stick stick stick stickie stick stick little stick
6 months ago
Justy - There is only one tongue of the Sticks—you would do well to learn it.
6 months ago
you twigging with the wrong stick little!
stick stick stick stick stickity stick stickie
6 months ago
yeesh dude. there are probably people not used to swears here. control your language!
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