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00.5 - Flash
Published 3 months ago
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00.5 - Flash

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here:https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Guys! Did you see that!” SlimBrick1 shouted excitedly.
“Uh-huh,” WizardBuilds1 confirmed.
“What was that?” General_Veers asked.
“Who cares? As long as it is on our side!” SlimBrick1 said. A laser beam shot past WizardBuilds1’s ear, reminding them that they were still chased. Continuing their mad sprint, they continued their discussion. Then there was another shot, and another bot exploded.
“Way to go man!” WizardBuilds1 cheered.
“Guys!” SlimBrick1 shouted. No one listened.
“Guys!” SlimBrick1 repeated.
“What?” General_Veers asked.
“They turned around! We aren’t chased anymore!” SlimBrick1 said.
“Oh...” General_Veers mumbled and slowed down. So did WizardBuilds1 and SlimBrick1. They stood there for a few minutes. Then they sat down and waited.
“The floor is very clean,” WizardBuilds1 noticed.
“Yeah… So?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“I was just stating a fact,” WizardBuilds1 explained.
“Oh...” SlimBrick1 said. It took a few moments before a figure approached them. It took another few minutes until he finally arrived.
“What are you lazy slackers waiting for? Go! Stand up and come with me!” the stranger ordered.
“Who are you?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“No time for questions,” the stranger replied. They stood up and followed the stranger.
“Where are we?” WizardBuilds1 asked, ignoring the stranger’s statement.
“Mecabricks, in the second world called ‘the lobby’,” the stranger replied.
“I thought you said no time for questions,” SlimBrick1 protested.
“Well… changed my mind,” the stranger said.
“The lobby? And what do you mean ‘Second world’?” General_Veers asked.
“That means there are multiple worlds in mecabricks. Each one displays a different environment. This one is called ‘the lobby’ because you can go to any of the worlds from here,” the stranger said.
“How many worlds are there?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Don’t know exactly. Anon didn’t give me enough info for that. All I know is that there is a place called ‘the workshop’ , another one called ‘ the library’ and a last one that I can’t recall the name of. But it was said that it consists of pure code,” the stranger explained.
“Code?” SlimBrick1 asked before anyone else could.
“You know… Code! Javascript, HTML, CSS and so on!” the stranger explained.
“Do you know where Scrubs is?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“No, why?” the stranger asked.
“Because he must know of a way out. He created Mecabricks, didn’t he?” WizardBuilds1 explained.
“Anon had the same assumption until he found out that scrubs doesn’t have any idea of what is happening here. Scrubs can only access the top layer: the pure code,” the stranger said.
“Who is Anon?” General_Veers asked.
“Anon is a nickname for the user who got here a few years before you, but he never told me his username for safety reasons. You too shouldn’t tell others your usernames,” the stranger replied.
“Why?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“I don’t know! Anon was discreet,” the stranger said.
“That reminds me. Why can’t we tell eachother our names?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“The system is a fast learning algorithm, but still hasn’t been perfected yet. It noticed that many users are discreet with their names, and therefore you aren’t allowed to tell others your real name here.” the stranger explained.
“I lost it after ‘system’,” WizardBuilds1 said.
“Me too,” SlimBrick1 agreed.
“Bunch of lousy slackers,” the stranger mumbled.
“Anyway… What is your name? And who are you?” General_Veers asked. I just asked that a few moments ago!! went through SlimBrick1’s mind.
“I am a shadow of the user ‘Flash’. The system filled my missing information. If Flash went online again and did something different than the system predicted, then I will be eradicated and replaced by a newer version of myself. I joined, estimated with your time measure, on the 6th may, 2020,” Flash explained.
“Never heard of flash,” SlimBrick1 said.
“That’s because he wasn’t active. There are thousands, if not millions of unused account on mecabricks,” Flash explained
“Okay… could you explain everything? And I meant with everything, everything,” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“No time. I need you to listen carefully,” Flash said,
“What? Why?” General_Veers asked.
“Because I am not going to repeat myself. Anyway, I gave the previous two the tracker already. They didn’t leave long ago. I need you guys to catch up to them and to find Anon. He’ll explain everything… I hope,” Flash said.
“Okay. Just a short question: Where are they?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“Just continue straight ahead. If you don’t find them, then you’ll probably die,” Flash said.
“Why can’t you come with us?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Because it’s too dangerous for me! And someone’s gotta stop those Processors from coming after you,” Flash explained.
“Processors?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“Those things that chased you before. They are called Data Processors because they check for invalid objects and filter, or in other words eliminate, invalid ones,” Flash explained.
“Okay… So… Bye?” General_Veers said.
“Bye, and let’s hope we meet again!” Flash said.
“Bye!” WizardBuilds1 said. The three of them walked in the given direction and left Flash behind.
“Anon, was this your doing?” Flash grumbled to himself. Knowing him, he’d do anything to leave. But the system has just as much potential to pull off something like that, Flash thought.

[End of 00.5]
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3 months ago
Ok, wow. That was really cool. Do you mind if i take all the stories so far and put them into a Google Doc?

3 months ago
Spacebuilder101 - Thanks!! & I don't mind!!
3 months ago
Love it! Also, the floor IS very clean!
2 months ago
Probably my favorite chapter!
2 months ago
i was like maybe one a day, i'm not stopping,
2 months ago
just read 0.9 gonna read more tomorrow,
2 months ago
BlackFlame49 - I hope you like it until now!!
2 months ago
justyouraveragebuilder - I almost forgot about him
Thanks for reminding me! I'll probably try to include him later
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