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01.8 - Hunted
Published 2 months ago
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01.8 - Hunted

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here:https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

With every step that Cakery took the floor shuddered.
“Can you please at least try to step more softly?” WizardBuilds1 asked, who had almost lost his balance again.
“Sorry,” Cakery apologized.
“Anyway, can you guys tell us where we are? And everything else we should know?” BrickAssassain7 asked.
“We are in mecabricks. There are multiple ‘worlds’ or layers, as some like to call them, which are called, ‘the lobby’, which is where we are right now, ‘code’, ‘workshop’, and ‘library’. The_An0nym, nicknamed Anon, has been stuck here for years and is a test subject of some experiment, so he had a cruel life, and has been trying to figure out a way to get out while escaping the system’s army of processors,” WizardBuilds1 explained, then took a deep breath.
“What is the system?” BrickAssassain7 asked.
“I’m surprised you even got that far… I lost it after ‘multiple worlds’,” Cakery said.
“I actually lost it after ‘mecabricks’, but I am only asking things that seem important,” BrickAssassain7 explained. WizardBuilds1 sighed.
“Let me try,” Happy097 said.
“Sure, go ahead,” WizardBuilds1 said.
“So… The system is a scary boogeyman who is in charge of almost anything that moves and was built upon the previous system which is still alive. The old system doesn’t have much power, but can do a few things the new system can’t. Anyway, let me explain what is meant with ‘world’. Imagine that we are in a giant building and we are right now on one of the floors. We have the floor of the Workshop, where you can build stuff, much like the garage of a house, or building. Then we have a floor named ‘library’ where all things are categorized and stored. Much like the stuffy attic after your mother made you organize and clean it up. The code is basically… uhh… The building plans for the building, just spread out over an entire floor. Except that if you change something there, something changes in the building. The lobby is the first floor, or also called ground floor, where you live,” Happy097 explained. No one spoke for a few moments.
“Oh… now I get it!” BrickAssassain7 exclaimed suddenly.
“Me too,” Cakery agreed.
“What? Now you understand it? After he explained it?” wizardBuilds1 grumbled, but quickly forgot his anger and focused on the moment.

“He is moving,” SuperPup1 exclaimed. Everything looked up.
“Either he is just scouting ahead or taking the data crystals to the system,” Brickster said.
“But which one is it?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“I have no idea. We’ll have to split up. SuperPup1, the base is straight ahead, right?” Brickster asked.
“Yep. Just a day's walk,” SuperPup1 replied.
“A day's walk!” XillComics exclaimed.
“Good. You will take Xill with you. Lax and Slimmy will take the tracker and go after Anon. I’ll stay behind in hope that Seven found something,” Brickster said, ignoring XillComics.
“Who is Seven?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“BrickAssassain7. I found him a while ago and sent him on the mission to find other users and bring them back to me before Anon does,” Brickster said. They did as told and split up.

It didn’t take long before a processor had noticed The_An0nym. It had a bit of trouble to keep up to the speed of The_An0nym’s hoverbike. But that didn’t stop it from shooting at him.
“Flipping piece of scrap metal,” The_An0nym exclaimed as a laser beam almost hit his head. His hoverbike had already reached the maximum speed, but the distance between him and the processor was ever so slowly getting wider.
“Why was the omega model the only hoverbike I could find?” The_An0nym grumbled. He wished that somehow he had managed to find an alpha hoverbike. Or at least something faster than the omega hoverbike.
It took another ten minutes before the processor was out of shooting range.
“Hah, sucker,” The_An0nym called after the processor. That was when he noticed the white figure in the distance who was rapidly running towards him. The_An0nym immediately recognized. Even if he had somehow gotten an alpha hoverbike in his possession, he could never outrun that thing. The IDS bots have already been deployed? He asked himself. He knew that there was no escape from an IDS bot. He looked back. The way was clear.
“Let’s hope the system sent a data guard after me,” The_An0nym grumbled and turned the hoverbike around.

LEGOminis awoke somewhere dark. Where am I? He asked himself. He tried to sit up, but bumped his head in the failed attempt.
“Ugh,” he exclaimed. There was an almost inaudible constant breathing to be heard.
“Veers?” LEGOminis asked. There was no reply.
“Veers!” LEGOminis shouted. The breathing stopped and there was a loud bump to be heard. LEGOminis flinched. That must’ve hurt, he thought.
“Ow!” General_Veers exclaimed.
“You okay?” LEGOminis asked.
“Yeah… Where are we?” General_Veers asked.
“I don’t know,” LEGOminis replied.

[End of 01.8]

Note: I hope you like the animation! The floor isn't the same as in the other chapters because then the animation would probably lag.
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2 months ago
Amazing animation (and chapter) as always
2 months ago
Very smooth animation indeed !
And great story going on...
2 months ago
General_Veers - Thanks!!
2 months ago
Actually, when you first said you were going to write a story, I thought it was going to be an animation with a chapter. I am just happy to see that this is much cooler than I imagined
2 months ago
Jono_Guard - Thanks!! (Again)
2 months ago
Nice animation and story. I’m still a little mad about my explanation!
2 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Thanks!! &
2 months ago
to be honest, it already is lagging.

but it's a great chapter and I'm sure it would be a great animation!
2 months ago
ju5tyour4verage9litch - Thanks!! &
I know...
2 months ago
in 00.68 it touched da child (hoverbike)
Mick: *smacks drone* DON'T TOUCH DA CHILD
2 months ago
Mick: - It actually didn't
it missed
2 months ago
Mick: If lasers miss by an inch (which it did) the power can drain some energy of that bike
2 months ago
Mick: - True... It could potentially burn the hull
2 months ago
Cool chapter and animation!!!!
2 months ago
Very nice scrolling floor!
2 months ago
SICK!!! you are the undisputed MB CHAMP of Animation!
2 months ago
ZekarLegoWarrior - Thanks!!
2 months ago
they always miss by 0.5 inches
2 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
2 months ago
Fantastic chapter and the animation was so smoooooothhhh...
2 months ago
Yep, you could blend it up and sell it as a smoothie in a sippy-cup!
2 months ago
It doesn’t even need to be blended though!
2 months ago
where are they
2 months ago
Puffin - Somewhere in the data world

Also: 111 Views and 11 Likes
2 months ago
I know but where are they in the data world other than mecabricks
2 months ago
Puffin - Just Mecabricks
Where exactly, no one knows
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