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About me!
Published 1 month ago
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I'm Zekar. I am a TFOL who enjoys rendering and artwork. I like superheroes, knight, and ninja.

I am not a Star Wars, Marvel, DC, NINJAGO, SEGA, CAPCOM, or anime fan (because 'fan' means fanatic). I do like Marvel movies though. And when I say I like ninjas, I do NOT mean NINJAGO. That show has quite a bit of things that I consider questionable.

I do not do possession, witchcraft, necromancy, or anything of the like. I also do not support the LGBTQ+ or BLM movements (though I am black). I am not Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or others. I am Hebrew. I celebrate the seven biblical feasts rather than Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Please respect my belief. It would be much appreciated if you didn't say things like "what's wrong with Star Wars?" or "What's wrong with being Christian?" I am not insulting you or attacking you. I am just not participating. Peace out.

Also, this is a bit of a repost, just modified.

I was kind of afraid to put this here but.... Hey, I did it.
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1 month ago
A’ight, good job standing up for yourself.
1 month ago
Hey, I totally will respect you man, even if I disagree with some of your beliefs
. Though there may be time for discussion on differences between people, we shouldn't hate each other for them. I've got your back man
, don't be afraid to share your beliefs.
1 month ago
I agree... Well, I am his bro and we do share beliefs, but still.
1 month ago
mecabricks is so much better than twitter. if you said this on twitter you would be better off deleting your account
1 month ago
If you said this on Twitter… your post might “glitch” and disappear for some reason… o_O
1 month ago
*GASP* "HoW dArE yOu HaVe An OpInIoN i DiSaGrEe WiTh!" - average twitter user...
1 month ago
accurate *almost spells that incorrectly*
1 month ago
You shouldn´t give internet trolls weapons against you.
1 month ago
while that may be true, I have friends who have my back, as shown here.
1 month ago
Wait, but—are you aware that this model contains a torso from Harry Potter and two hair pieces from Ninjago? O_O (I’m confused…
1 month ago
I didn't actually know that about the torso. I just picked it because it is accurate to what I look like.
yOu'Re NoT a wHItE cHrIsTiAn!?
honestly, I hate that there are people who attack people like that in any way.
this was a bold move, and I hope you don't get a whole butt-ton of hate for it from the weirdos here!
1 month ago
Justy - What do you mean, “weirdos”? Some of the nicest people on the site joined the W.E.I.R.D. Club!
1 month ago
Justy - What do you mean, “weirdos”? Some of the nicest people on the site joined the W.E.I.R.D. Club!
1 week ago
Finally updated this! The figure NEEDED a revamp. I removed the HP torso and made the fig look better.
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