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Forest in the Fall
Published 4 years ago
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This is a picture of the forest right next to my house.
I took the picture yesterday and now as I am writing this there is snowflakes falling outside! Crazy right?
I got inspiration for taking a fall shot from LegoBricker, as he has been doing some fall pictures lately.
BTW I live in Hokkaido, Japan (Hokkaido is the northern most island of Japan ) In our city (in the center of the island) we get 25ft of snow through out the winter! smiling face with open mouth (Basically if we did not shovel (every day face with stuck-out tongue) the snow would be that deep.)
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4 years ago
Nice mosaic!

25 FEET OF SNOW?!!! that's insane! I get about 30 inches a year, and that's a lot I think.
4 years ago
I got like 4 feet of snow one year. But normally I get like 2 feet.
4 years ago
@LegoBricker & Scott2004 Well if you want more snow and it's in demand around your area, I could start a business that ships snow to people who want more. Lol. It could be called the Super Snow Service!
4 years ago
Lol. I love snow. But how would that work? Would you pack a blimp full of it and fly it to our house?
4 years ago
Yeah I would use a blimp it would work better then a plane, or if you live near the ocean I could use a Submarine with a special compartment that could hold snow for long periods of time.
4 years ago
Lol that might work! How much do you charge per ton of snow?
4 years ago
Just 5 bucks for 1 ton. I want people in all parts of the world to be able to get it so that's why it's cheap. SHIPPING COST NOT INCLUDED IN LISTED PRICE! lol
4 years ago
Lol. Great. $700 in shipping fees?
4 years ago
So is that like 710 for 2 tons of snow?!☺
4 years ago
Well it depends how far away you live from me. And if I use the Sub or the Blimp. I haven't checked yet what they are selling helium or nuclear energy for these days.
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