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8147-1: Bullet Run
Published 3 years ago
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"Use both slammers and ramps to see which Tiny Turbo car can jump the farthest over the highway toll station or crash the cars into the tractor trailers and use the tow truck to haul them away. Includes 2 street cars, an off-roader, limousine, tow truck and 2 tractor trailers! Includes 2 slammers and 2 ramps!"

Missing and replaced Parts (last updated 2017-03-27):
-Missing Part 30635.
-Missing Part 30636.
-Missing Part 42074.
-Missing Part 45179.
-Missing Part 2335pb066.
-Missing Part 2431pb110.
-Missing Part 2431pb111.
-Missing Part 2431pb111.
-Missing Part 2431pb112.
-Missing Part 2431pb113.
-Missing Part 2431pb114.
-Missing Part 3001pb078.
-Missing Part 3001pb101.
-Missing Part 3002pb17.
-Missing Part 3003pb033.
-Missing Part 30145pb007.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0329.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0330.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0331.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0943.
-Missing Part 3068bpb0943.
-Missing Part 3069bpb154.
-Missing Part 3069bpb378.
-Missing Part 3069bpb381L.
-Missing Part 3069bpb381R.
-Missing Part 3069bpb394.
-Missing Part 3069bpb395.
-Missing Part 3069bpb396L.
-Missing Part 3069bpb396R.
-Missing Part 3070bpb084.
-Missing Part 3821pb019.
-Missing Part 3822pb019.
-Missing Part 40490pb009.
-Missing Part 4162pb047.
-Missing Part 4162pb048.
-Missing Part 4162pb049.
-Missing Part 4162pb056.
-Missing Part 45677pb032.
-Missing Part 4865pb033.
-Missing Part 4865pb034.
-Missing Part 50947pb024L.
-Missing Part 50947pb024R.
-Missing Part 50950pb084.
-Missing Part 54200pb066.
-Missing Part 54200pb067L.
-Missing Part 54200pb067R.
-Missing Part 54200pb068L.
-Missing Part 54200pb068R.
-Missing Part 6112pb005L.
-Missing Part 6112pb005R.
-Missing Part 6179pb026.
-Missing Part 6179pb027.
-All other stickered Parts not mentioned on Bricklink.

-Part 30027b replaced with Part 30027a.
-Part 3684 replaced with Part 30499.
-Part 3941 replaced with Part 6143.
-Part 4265c replaced with Part 32123.
-Part 50945 replaced with Part 50951.
-Part 6015 replaced with Part 87697.
-Part 6259 replaced with Part 6218.
-Part x71 replaced with Part 85543.
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787 pieces
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3 years ago
Just a quick fun render to test some Rigid Body effects on a Mecabricks model. Man, if you want to blow up a LEGO® model properly, just set all parts to active and play the animation!
3 years ago
Render is pretty good
3 years ago
I remember watching the commercial for this one a lot. Cool render, it's a good idea to try it on the set. Funny about the front left tire of the limo though.
3 years ago
You always come up with interesting scene and stories. Awesome render !
How about how I did it tutorial?
3 years ago
Sure, if people want it, but it´s nothing fancy.
3 years ago
Played it with slow motion again: I told all parts on the front of the limousine to be active, and the moment the limo crashes into the tractor trailer the wheels detach, slow down a bit because no longer pushed forward and therefore flying a bit behind the actual model. But I think it´s a minor issue.
3 years ago
I wouldn't mind having a tutorial on how to do it.

Ah. It's just a minor thing.
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