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695-1: Racing Car
Published 4 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
European version of 491.

Missing parts:
3700b Black Technic, Brick 1 x 2 with Hole Type II
x148 Red Technic Bush Old 2 (from Expert Builder)
3481 Yellow Plate, Modified 2 x 2 with Helicopter Tail Rotor Holder
69c01(inv) Yellow Tap 1 x 2 Base with Light Gray Spout

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67 pieces
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4 years ago
I agree. It's so much better.
4 years ago
Looks great! Wish we had those old faucets (gray spouts).
4 years ago
Here are two actual renderings from my shader research to bring Blender as close as possible to my approved Modo setup I started in 2014 before I contacted Scrubs to add rendering to MB.

Modo and Blender use basicially a similar render technology but use different concepts of shader setups. The Modo shaders are phyiscally based and Blender is more flexible by using nodes. I need to figure out if it's possible to work out a very close result. I am not a Blender Guru and this is still work in progress.

The Blender version rendered around 11 minutes and Modo took 28 minutes. Blender deals much faster with the transparent material. But I am using an approved Modo render setup with high samples. In Blender I tested Path Tracing and Branched Path Tracing. This is the Path Tracing version. The typical Branched Path Tracing (1000 samples) will take 20 minutes to render.

Finally there's no "Perfect Render Button" in both applications. Modo has also a lot of possibilities to adjust sampling separately what makes sense anyway. The rounded edge shader is implemented and also visible through transparent/refractive surfaces. I hope Blender will have this feature in the future working with CPU and GPU rendering. Unfortunately the rounded corner concept is a patent by Mental Images GmbH.

In Blender I have issues with another scene using an area- and sunlight. I could not find a mixed solution to get rid of grain in the direct and indirect light samples. So I decided to use Path Tracing in such a case what ignores direct and indirect lighting. In Modo this is easier to solve with effecient results.

But as I said: I am not a Blender Guru ... yet.

To be continued ...
4 years ago
A new render using filmic blender.
by MVi
168 models | 11.2k views
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