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7930-1: Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship
Published 1 year ago
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Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship
(by Sebsan21 for Mecabricks)

Missing Parts :
4609182: Aurra Sing Wig - https://brickset.com/parts/4609182/aurra-sing-wig

Missing Prints :
6023617: Mini Upper Part No. 1743 - https://brickset.com/parts/6023617/mini-upper-part-no-1743
6020820: Mini Lower Part "No 205" - https://brickset.com/parts/6020820/mini-lower-part-no-205
6023612: Mini Upper Part No. 1744 - https://brickset.com/parts/6023612/mini-upper-part-no-1744
6022394: Parabolic Reflect.Ø24X6,4 Embo - https://brickset.com/parts/6022394/parabolic-reflect-ø24x6-4-embo
4616616: Mini Head No. 785 - https://brickset.com/parts/4616616/mini-head-no-785
4615837: Flat Tile 2X2 "No. 190" - https://brickset.com/parts/4615837/flat-tile-2x2-no-190
6023606: Mini Upper Part No. 1745 - https://brickset.com/parts/6023606/mini-upper-part-no-1745
6022352: Mini Head No. "783" - https://brickset.com/parts/6022352/mini-head-no-783
4616613: Mini Head No "784" - https://brickset.com/parts/4616613/mini-head-no-784

Description :

Capture the Jedi Knights with the Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship!

While the outcome of the Clone Wars hangs in the balance, bounty hunters are out to capture the Jedi Knights! Rotate the twin engines for flying and landing modes, open the cockpit, and fire away with laser cannons! Use the ship’s prison cell for captured Jedi, and store the stolen Holocron in a secret chamber aboard the Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship! Includes all-new Sugi, Aurra Sing, Embo and IG-86 assassin droid bounty hunter minifigures.

- Includes 4 minifigures: Sugi, Aurra Sing, Embo and IG-86 Assassin -
Droid Bounty Hunter
- Rotate the engines!
- Features the Holocron, stored in a secret compartment
- Open cockpit and prison cell for play inside!
- Hunt down the Jedi Knights in their #7931 Jedi Shuttle!
- Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship measures 11” wide (30cm) 10” long (25cm) and 6” (15cm) tall
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364 pieces
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