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Riders of Promise Extra: The Saga of Forten I
Published 1 month ago
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Riders of Promise

Extra: The Saga of Forten I

The fields were green, the skies were blue
And the summer sun shone bright
And there lived in that land of cloudless peace
A noble and valiant knight.

His shield was bright, his lance was keen
And his sword, how clear it shone!
His eyes, so sharp, like fire they burned
Yet such kindness ne're was seen.

Peacefully lived he in that land
A guardian he was
Until that fateful day when
Ships beached upon the sand.

The Shadows arrived, great fear came down
Upon that peaceful place
Then Forten I, (that was his name)
The Shadows came he to chase.

With wrathful cry he led his men
Against the dreaded horde
To battle he rode with shield and lance
And brightly shining sword.

Lo! The bards have never seen
Such courage among mere men
Which was shown that day, on battled field
By Foten I and Men.

They drove the Shadows back to the sea
And the ships from whence they came
Victory was reached, though one man's sword
Forten I was that man's name.

Ah! How much we wished the tale ended there
With Forten's victory
But treacherous hounds the Shadows were
Sending an arrow back from the sea.

A great man fell on the sands that day
A hero ne're before seen
For Forten died when the arrow struck
Which flew in from the sea

A sunset red as fire shone
To honor the fallen Knight
Very wind seemed mourning, tragic loss
As he howled with all his might.

All you people, listening now
Remember what you have heard
A greater knight ever was seen
Nor ever will be again.

His shield was bright, his lance was keen
His sword, how clear it shone!
His eyes, so sharp, like fire burned
Yet such kindness ne're was seen.

The End
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1 month ago
"His lance was keen," LotR inspiration, huh?
1 month ago
wow, this is really good Dragon!

(i especially liked the 2nd and last stanza)
1 month ago
Wow! Thats like the first time I've read poem in years... (kill me now)... so what I say might not be all that effective... but I thought it was great! Has a nice feel to it... just a simple yet... honestly it gives me a peaceful Minecraft feel... mixed with a deep LOTR sense.
1 month ago
Agh too many comments!

Thank you all for you awesome comments, I wasn't too sure how this would turn out, first time ever I've written anything other then a limerick or two.

Yes I admit it, it has a very LOTR flavor to it, I read some of the poetry in the LOTR as an inspiration.

It's not to bad if I do say so myself!
1 month ago
yes... though this may sound Idiotic, i think that it could uSe soMe EducationaL Lyrics such as, "now The AlgebraiC fOrmula Calculus is optional, Sorta."
1 month ago
GreenieBoy: Okay? Are we allowed to say if it sounded idiotic?
1 month ago
@O011 No You can't say that at ALL! Of course you can!
1 month ago
Honestly, (call me crazy) but I don't think that tacos are that good.
1 month ago
Oh, come to Arkansas. We have the best tacos in the world!
1 month ago
Also, I'm not a huge taco fan either.
1 month ago
Tacos aren't the best. Burritos on the other hand . . .
1 month ago
I used to be a big taco bell beef crunchy taco fan, but now I go for a beef burrito supreme, with no beans. I have no idea why I said that. It sounded pretty stupid...
1 month ago
@D_R06 WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! No... thats not good enough...

*coughing from back of the room*

Random dude: Pleas don't use big text!

1 month ago
Sniff... D_R06 had so much potential... Jk
1 month ago
What? They're messy, when the shell breaks you get it all over your hands, down your sleeves, it's a pain. Tastes great though!
1 month ago
@D_R06... yes... if you get a crunchy Taco I can see what you mean... but I use a regular tortilla! Of course, it depends on where you get them though... we usually make our own.

1 month ago
Yeah, I prefer soft tacos to hard tacos.
1 month ago
@D_R06 So the debate has begun has it? You shall lose!
1 month ago
So here are the definitions of Taco and Burrito.

taco | ˈtäkō |
noun (plural tacos)
a Mexican dish consisting of a fried tortilla, typically folded, filled with various mixtures, such as seasoned meat, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes.

burrito | bəˈrēdō |
noun (plural burritos)
a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla rolled around a filling, typically of beans or ground or shredded beef.

As you can see, though they are 'generally' different in some regards, they 'technically' can be the same thing in some circumstances. For example, (the Taco can be made in burrito form, with whatever fillings you desired to have in it). Not only that, but, this is a matter of preference. It is not as if we were presenting true facts, such as (LW is much better looking than Greenflame24
) or to be real (The Corvette is faster than the Nissan Rogue), but it is view'd from the 'preference' of each individual. Seeing this, it is impossible for one, like yourself, to logically argue that Burritos are better than Tacos. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or, taster.

Your Turn To Argue Dentist_Rogue06!
1 month ago
Let's take a look at some statistics, Burritos beat out tacos because they're way more versatile. ... The taco's simplicity is also its downfall—you just can't do as many things with it. Better yet, the burrito is just easier to eat. The tortilla wrapping makes it a no-fuss food.
Some people think tacos are objectively better than burritos. Taco zealots prefer tacos because they cut out all the filler so you can get to the foodstuff—the meat. But others think burritos are better because all the ingredients work together to become something greater than the sum of its parts. A well-made burrito will beat any taco anywhere.

There are many pages on the internet saying that burritos are superior to tacos, such as these ones,


You should be grateful, I just spent half an hour of my life looking up tacos and burritos. Jk

Got an answer for that GreenChappieofFlames?
1 month ago
@6thDolphen_Rollingpen Well, though I simply don't have time to read everything those articles state, I can see where they are coming from. However, they miss one point. Look at the definitions I put out. The Taco is 'typically' folded, but not always. The Burrito however, IS 'rolled'. Tacos by definition can be more 'diverse' than a burrito... but as I said, this argument is not fact, but preference. I'm not actually trying to prove that Tacos are better (because I don't believe they are [I actually like burritos better{if they are made right
}}), however I am trying to prove that one isn't better than the other. It's all about preference. What If I liked my dish folded, what if I liked stuff to fall out, what if I liked etc... preference is not fact... and thats a fact

I'm disappointed I didn't win yet, but happy that you didn't back down

P.S. If I said anything stupid or just out of place, have mercy on me, it late over here

P.P.S. If y'all don't mind praying for my Mom and sisters, they are traveling and won't be back until late tonight
You know, I'd prefer them coming home safely.
1 month ago
Yes I agree with you it is a matter of preference, hold on, if I agree with you why are we having this debate?
Answer: Debating, even about silly things, is fun.

Don't worry @ViridiFlamma I'll pray
That's latin for "Green Flame"
1 month ago
@Dramatic_Republican06 Yes
its still fun no matter how silly it is... usually

And thanks
They made it home... unless some impersonators took over our van and are now living with us
1 month ago

Can you do a burrito roll with your tongue? Or, how about a taco roll? Or both? Or none? [color=white]I think I've lost my mind at this point. Oh well, it was fun, and that's all that matters (Besides, as a christian, God).
1 month ago
Taco roll rules! Say that 20 times fast!
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